Phone Screen Amplifier Phone Holder


You can watch your favorite movies on your phone better by making the screen bigger with this  one
Easy and simple to use with no need for electricity, it also has a flexible stand to make watching easier
The clear blue lens captures the image from your phone clearly and in its original HD quality
Material: ABS + Acrylic
Magnification: 3-4 times/ Bracket length: 60cm
Package Content:

1 x Phone Screen Amplifier Phone Holder

Phone Screen Amplifier Phone Holder
Phone Screen Amplifier Phone Holder $37.06$40.40

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Phone Screen Amplifier Phone Holder
Unlike before where phones are solely for texting and calling, phones now allow you to more stuff with it. With a smartphone, you can take pictures in high-definition, stream and surf the internet, and even watch videos and movies in it. One of the best ways to kill some time and entertain yourself is by watching videos and movies. There was a time where you would need a television and a DVD for that. But now, you can watch the latest movies anywhere you want to on your phone. The only thing is that some do not feel satisfied watching movies and videos on the tiny screen of their phone. So, if you wish to watch videos and movies on a bigger screen, then use this phone screen amplifier. You can now watch your favorite movies on a bigger and clearer screen.
Convenient Design
Some people use a projector in order to watch on a bigger frame. However, using on consequently reduces the quality of the video. This phone screen amplifier, on the other hand, provides a better quality of your video and less complicated function. No need for wirings, just simply place your phone on this and play the video or movie you want to watch. Not only that, but this also has a flexible bracket that other screen amplifiers do not have. So, you can adjust the position of your screen however you want. You can even watch your movies while lying down since the flexible bracket can support and hold the screen for you.
Clear Blue Lens
The blue lens of this screen amplifier captures the original image from your phone. Consequently,  it also captures its original_+ quality. So, what you see on the amplifier’s lens is most likely the same on what you can see on your phone screen.