Pill Counting Tray with Spatula

Pill Counting Tray with Spatula


This Pill Counting Tray eliminates direct physical contact to avoid contamination
It has an anti-skid bottom that keeps the tray in place and prevents it from moving
There is a compartment with a transparent cover and it even comes with a spatula
Material: ABS Plastic
Size: 210 mm × 160 mm × 10 mm
Package Contents:

1 x Pill Counting Tray
1 x Spatula

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Pill Counting Tray with Spatula
This Pill Counting Tray with Spatula is very useful for pharmacies and hospitals! It is suitable for different processes such as giving pills to patients! Just like other businesses and works, counting is always a part of it, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The main difference is that is you can’t just handle pills with bare hands like how people count money in banks, for example. Since these are medicines and people actually intake them, they should be clean and free from any contaminants at all times. This is where the purpose of a pill counting tray comes in.
Anti-Skid Bottom
A pill counting tray eliminates the need for direct physical contact to completely eradicate contamination and to prevent the pills from deforming too. It comes with a spatula that you can use to move the pills around the tray. There is a compartment on the side where you can store it and there is also a way you can direct it on the side too. Aside from that, it even has an anti-skid bottom. This helps keep the tray in place as you work on it. With that, it won’t move around and cause the pills to fall over or spill.
Clean and Smooth Surface
The best part is that its surface is smooth so it is easy to move the pills around it. It won’t deform the pills since it will simply slide through it without a problem. Also, its smooth surface makes it easy to clean later on which is an important step after counting pills. There are no crevices wherein bacteria can cling on and that’s why it is so convenient. There is also a compartment on the side with a transparent cover. It stores the pills while still allowing you to count them from the outside or monitor what pill type they are. All this without having to lift the lid because it is transparent.

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