Piping Pen DIY Cake Decorating Tool
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Piping Pen DIY Cake Decorating Tool

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This Piping Pen is made of food-safe silicone that is flexible and easy to clean
It has a small shape that is comfortable to grip and improves the user’s accuracy
Easily refillable and it has a thin nozzle for making thin strokes
Container Diameter: Approx. 25mm / Container Length: Approx. 100mm
Total Length: Approx. 130mm / Material: Silicone, Plastic
Tip Inner Diameter: Approx. 1.5mm and 1.8mm
Package Contents:

1 x Piping Pen


Piping Pen DIY Cake Decorating Tool
Decorating your cake has never been this convenient with the Piping Pen DIY Cake Decorating Tool! It is easy to use and improves accuracy! Piping bags are a must-have for people who love to bake. It is what you can use to apply frosting or icing beautifully on to your baked goods. However, piping bags can be quite tricky to work with. They usually come in big sizes so you would have to use both hands to support the weight. When that happens, it doesn’t allow you to write in the hand position that you normally would. This leads to inaccuracies.
Improves Accuracy
The good thing about this item is that it comes in the shape of a pen. This allows you to grip it better and therefore, write more accurately with it too. It has a narrow tip so you can frost the cake using thin strokes. It even allows you to use just one hand when decorating the cake. This pen is suitable for letterings and creating designs that require small nozzles and thin strokes. Also, the parts of this piping pen are easily removable. You can disassemble them easily so you can clean them without a problem later on.
Silicone Material 
The best part is that it is of silicone material. It is flexible which is very helpful in making sure you use every single drop of frosting from the pen. You can easily squeeze out any remaining product inside it. Also, it is reusable and it is easy to use. You simply have to press the plunger down to dispense the frosting or icing from it. Once you’re all out, just open the lid and pull back the plunger so you can refill it again. Finally, it is food-safe silicone so there is nothing to worry about.

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