Plastic Reusable Ice Cubes (6 pcs)
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Plastic Reusable Ice Cubes (6 pcs)

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Food-grade plastic cubes filled with water
Can be frozen for unlimited times and will remain durable
Keeps drinks cold without affecting the taste
Safe to use, eco-friendly
Multicolor ice cubes
* There is only a square shaped ice cube


Plastic Reusable Ice Cubes
Using Reusable Ice Cubes can save you so much water than you can ever imagine! If you love drinking your beverages with ice, having reusable plastic ice cubes are perfect for you. Simply freeze it, use, and freeze it again after use. No more filling up of your water in your ice trays anymore.
Money and Energy Saving
It is always better to enjoy your favorite cold drink when it has ice. But using frozen ice only makes your drink lose its flavorful taste. Ice melts and adds more water to your drinks when untouched for too long. But if you are using these reusable ice covered in safe plastics, you are just keeping your drinks cold without changing its taste. You can save water using packed ice than from water-filled ice cube trays. Now you can just freeze them, toss in your drinks, and put it back to the freezer again.
Safe to Use
You can put the ice directly on your drinks or you can use it to keep canned drinks cold even when outside. These cubes are made of food-grade plastic materials filled with water inside. It can withstand repeated freezing operations and will stay durable even after repeated use. The water inside freezes and when you put it on your drink, it will not add water to your drink and will not affect the taste. Made in bright colors which your kids will love too! You can put it on plain water, juice, alcoholic drinks, and many more.

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