Poached Egg Cooker Poaching Tool (2 PCs)


You don’t have to a chef to cook perfect poached eggs, all you need is this poached egg cooker
You can cook poached eggs in this cooker in two ways: by using a pot of boiling water or by using the microwave oven
It has a silicone tip so you can easily pick up the poacher without burning your hand
Material: Silicone
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2 x Poached Egg Cooker

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Poached Egg Cooker Poaching Tool (2 PCs)
Poaching egg is the hardest cook of the egg to perfect. It requires the perfect balance of skill and timing. You also have to know the technique to keep the yolk runny while creating a clump with the egg whites. But, don’t worry if you are not a pro in the kitchen. Good thing now there’s this poached egg cooker, a poaching tool that will help you make perfect poached eggs without shedding a sweat! This egg poacher is a cooking tool that helps you achieve perfect poached eggs. It has a mesh bottom where the water can easily seep through so it cooks perfectly. Moreover, after cooking, you can easily drain excess water because of the wire mesh. When you use this poacher, you no longer need to pour vinegar into the boiling water to help clump the egg white.
Two-way Cooking
There are two ways to cook an egg in this poacher. First, you can use deep cookware with boiling water in it. Simply pour a whole egg into the egg poacher while it’s floating in a pot with boiling water. Wait for about 2 minutes or until the whites clump on the yolk. Drain the egg poacher and soak in ready ice water so it stops cooking (yolk stays runny). Another method of cooking is by using the microwave oven. Fill the egg poacher with hot water and drop a whole egg. Pop in the microwave oven on high heat for about 2 minutes. Enjoy perfect runny eggs at your convenience! All thanks to the egg poacher!
Silicone Tip
Another great feature of this egg poacher is its silicone tip. The silicone tip is heat resistant so it stays cool even when soaked in boiling water. So, you can conveniently pick up the egg poacher by tip without burning your hands.

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