Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display


The Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display is portable and ideal for traveling
It is a 3-stage battery charger that’s suitable for, gel, calcium, wet and AGM batteries
It has an automatic charging function that prevents overcharging
Size: 6 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches/ Voltage: 12V/ Output Power: 12V
Input Voltage: 110V-220V/ Output: 12V/ Current: 6A Max/ Battery Range: 2ah-120ah
Plug Type Variants: EU Plug/ US Plug
Package Contents:

1 x Portable Car Battery Charger

Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display
Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display $40.00

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Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display
Make sure to always have this Portable Car Battery Charger Digital Display in your car tool kit! It’s a must-have for all car owners! Whether it’s an auto or SUV, car owners experience a dead battery at some point. Batteries power several car functions such as air conditioning and headlights. It’s understandable why car batteries die especially when the weather is cold. But what if you’re traveling miles from home and anyone you know? Make sure that never happens by securing this portable car battery charger.
3-Stage Charger
A 3-stage charger is a type of battery charger suitable for AGM, gel, calcium, and wet batteries. This type of charger can also help restore sulfated and drained batteries. The 3 stages that this is referring to are bulk, absorption, and float charging stages. In the bulk stage, the charger returns the car battery to an 80 to 90 percent fullness. It maintains the current at a high level to achieve this until it reaches a specific voltage level. At this point, the charger switches to the absorption stage where it holds voltage. This leads the resistance to increase and the current to decrease. Upon achieving a certain current level, the charger will switch to the final stage. This is the float stage that brings and maintains the car battery at a 100% charge level.
Portable and Convenient
Most battery chargers, especially old models, are very heavy to bring on a daily basis. This leads people to leave it at home but this defeats the purpose of having in case of emergencies. Emergencies happen at the time and place you least expect it to. That’s why it’s best to get this portable version instead. It doesn’t take up much room allowing it to fit right in your trunk. Finally, it has an LCD digital display that allows you to read the results easily and accurately.