Quail Egg Incubator 12-Egg Capacity


This Quail Egg Incubator has a capacity of up to 12 pieces of eggs
It automatically turns eggs and has an alarm for high and low temperatures
The lid is transparent so users can easily monitor the condition of the eggs
Size (LxWxH): 37.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 17 cm / Hatching Rate: 98%
Power: 40W / Plug Variants: US, GB, AU, EU, ZA
Voltage Variants: 220V, 110V / Material: ABS Plastic
Package Contents:

1 x Quail Egg Incubator
1 x Power Cord
1 x Manual
1 x Foam Protection

Quail Egg Incubator 12-Egg Capacity
Quail Egg Incubator 12-Egg Capacity $69.16

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Quail Egg Incubator 12-Egg Capacity
Hatch quail eggs right in your own home with this Quail Egg Incubator 12-Egg Capacity! It is a mini device that will fit right in your limited home space! Whether it is for a poultry business or a home hobby, hatching quails can be a really rewarding activity to do. But just like all other eggs, they need the right temperature so they can hatch correctly and safely. Without an incubator, that would be very difficult to do. Also, using a chicken incubator for quail eggs can be too much of an overkill since they are too big for the teeny quail eggs. This quail egg incubator is just enough for it. You can also use it to incubate other types of bird eggs.
Records Days
The good thing about this machine is that it is small as its capacity is only twelve. It is better because you can monitor each egg better and it won’t take up too much space in your home too. One of the main features of this incubator is that it records the incubation period that you have done so far. That way, you will know the progress of the eggs and if you need to change the settings already. It also automatically turns the eggs so they can get even heat from all sides. No need for you to go through the trouble of flipping them by yourself.
Temperature Settings
Another feature is that it has different temperature settings that you can set conveniently. It also has an alarm for high and low temperatures as well as high and low humidity levels. It is easy to operate and it has automatic temperature control as well if you choose that in the settings. This incubator has a transparent cover that makes it easy for you to monitor the eggs from a distance. It has an LCD display so you can easily read the settings on it.