Schumann Signal Gen 7.83-7BHz Signal Generator Schumann Wave Resonator Function Generator With Power Supply Cable


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Description:Schumann wave does not directly act on speakers or video products to improve sound quality, but acts on the space environment. Schumann wave 7.83-7BHz offsets the frequency of negative interference from electromagnetic waves, which makes the sound space reverberation stable and harmonious, allowing listeners to enjoy music more concentrated and enjoyable. It can improve the human body’s perception of sound and images, improve the health of the human body, improve the efficiency of work creation, and also have a good effect on insomnia and mental stress. The Schumann wave generator itself does not emit any sound, and is not connected to other devices. It can be used only when plugged in.Features:- Waveform:Pure sine wave.
– Transmitting Frequency:7.83-7BHz stable output.
– Signal Source:Adopts frequency locking and waveform shaping technologies.
– Power:Post-end added with power amplifier circuit for higher output power.
– Emission Efficiency:More than 1000 coils are wound on a high magnetic permeability silicon steel rod, which effectively increases the intensity of the electromagnetic field radiated into space.
– Power Supply Port:Powered via MicroUSB port. It fits for Android smartphones. It supports cellphone chargers and power banks, making it accessible.
– Peak Power:2-10W three-gear adjustable.
– Power Supply Switch:Yes. It works for current above 2A, outperforming ordinary toggle switches.
– Light Switch:Yes. It works for current above 2A, outperforming ordinary toggle switches.
How to use itPlug in the power supply, and turn on the power switch and light switch. At this time, the red light (power light) is always on, and the green light (work light) flashes at 7.83 Hz, and the machine works normally.

For sleep, turn the power switch to “high”, put the machine on the bedside table or a suitable place, and put it in any position.

For audio, for senior audiophiles with sensitive ears, the high, medium and low three-stage switches have different listening sensations. The placement can be experimented by yourself, there is not necessarily a fixed placement, some users are placed on the speaker, some are placed on the power amplifier, and some put the Schumann wave behind the listener. Experiment with yourself in the right place.

To make Schumannbo active water, the tea cup can be placed on Schumannbo. If it is a pure water bucket, you can put the Schumann wave above the bucket, and you can usually feel that the water has become soft and palatable within ten minutes.
It is used for meditation and meditation.Package included:- 1 x Schumann Wave Generator

Note:- Please use cellphone original charger and charging cable above 2A to power it. Poor chargers and cables will make our product effects dim. It fits most smartphone chargers. It is not suitable for Huawei P30 Pro charger. Power banks 20000mAH and above are recommended.
– Before using, please plug the power supply and then turn on the power supply switch on the generator.
– In normal working status, red light is steady on and green light flashes. The heat dissipation hole is warm after operating for half an hour. If red light and green light flash irregularly, it is not normal. Please turn off the power supply switch on the generator and then turn it on again. When red and green lights still flash irregularly, it means that the power supply is not working and the current is not enought. Please replace with a high-power power supply. When the charger is plugged in, the generator does not work, please replace the power supply.Details picture:


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