Setting sun projection light atmosphere warm LED lamp
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Setting sun projection light atmosphere warm LED lamp


Setting sun projection warm desk lamp

SIZE: Base: diameter 12cm, height 2cm

          Lamp neck: 16cm high

          Lampshade: 7.5cm in diameter


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The setting sun projection lamp atmosphere warm LED lamp is a romantic warm desk lamp light source of the setting sun perfect re reflection of the LED color table lamp. The biggest difference between this desk lamp and ordinary lighting desk lamp is that it is similar to the warm tone light source of sunset, and its light source presentation is very hierarchical, so the characteristics of this sunset desk lamp can perfectly improve the tonality of the atmosphere.

gdasfgkjhfkaDesk lamp‘s warm tone and detailed halo design create romantic light and shadow effect.

Although the table lamp as a household appliance, plays a role in lighting at night. But it also plays an important role in taking pictures or videos. Lighting can illuminate the subject of our shooting, and can also be placed in different positions to achieve the optimal effect of auxiliary main light, so as to present a more three-dimensional work with their own attitude. This sunset lamp in the lighting effect, increased the nature of the daily lighting does not have. First of all, the most obvious is the change of tone. From the daily cold tone and neutral tone change, to the best foil the human skin color warm tone. As a warm color light source, its tone itself has a certain gentle and romantic quality. When taking pictures of people or objects, they all present a mild feeling. It will also be more visually comfortable when we look at photos or works. Secondly, the unique design of the halo, the daily lighting is relatively blank, no details of the tone level. So this kind of projection lamp as the sunset, the sunset halo from the inside out analysis design. Thus, the details of gradual transition of light halo edge are designed. When shooting, this detail will present a more texture and a more hierarchical feeling. This has a great auxiliary effect on improving our appreciation and shooting level.

Two kinds of halo presentation and various light types provide more creative space for shooting.ghvhvhjvhjvj

In the process of shooting, all the props that can be used are very valuable. Of course, this includes lighting to create a sense of atmosphere. Different lights have different effects. Even a small change in position will make the whole picture feel different. So when designing this lamp, considering the light source suitable for different scenes, we finally designed two different halo products. One is the common light source of sunset, with warm color as the main color and gradual transition. The other is a more detailed light source with a central red halo gradually transiting to a warm color. These two halos can cover most scenes. Secondly, there are different color light sources to choose from, giving the majority of shooting enthusiasts a broader creative thinking and thinking space, among which there are many colorful and unusual light sources in daily life, which are very suitable for whimsy. Under the collision of different light source colors, more amazing and interesting shooting methods and angles can be found.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18.5 cm

Sunset, Rainbow, Sunny, Sunset Red

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