Shoe Protector from Rain Footwear


A high-cut shoe cover with front zippers, rough soles, and an adjustable drawstring strap for a comfortable fit
It has another waterproof layer behind the zipper for added protection
It’s above the ankle level so you can walk on floodwater that’s about 6-7 inches in height
Material: Nylon / Unisex
For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart
Package Content:

1 Pair x Shoe Protector from Rain

Shoe Protector from Rain Footwear
Shoe Protector from Rain Footwear $22.10

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Shoe Protector from Rain Footwear
Walking in the rain should not bother you at all if you have this shoe protector from rain. There are days when you can’t help but brave the rain. Maybe because you parked far from where you are or maybe you are taking public transportation. For the unpredictable days, it’s best that you have a shoe protector to keep your shoes dry even when it rains hard. Moreover, heavy rain also creates puddles and mud on the road. On lower ground, it even creates flooding which of course, you do not want to walk on with your shoes alone. That’s why having a pair of these shoe protectors are very important. So, when it rains, simply take it out of your bag and wear it like you are wearing boots. It’s a high-cut shoe cover that completely covers your shoes and all the way up to your ankle.
Comfortable Fit
Rainwater creates puddles and mud, and puddles and mud make your shoes dirty. So, if you do not want to clean dirty and muddy shoes the day after, better wear these shoe protectors. These shoe covers have a user-friendly design. In fact, it’s from lightweight plastic that keeps the shoes completely covered throughout. Moreover, these covers also have rough soles that add friction between the cover and the ground. This prevents you from slipping on smooth pavements especially because it’s wet from the rain. The front part of the cover has a zipper so you can easily wear and remove it from your feet. Plus, it has an adjustable draw-string strap for a secure fit.
Keeps Feet Dry
Lower places easily flood when it rains. The risk, however, is that floodwater is very prone to rat urine which causes Leptospirosis.  This is a deadly disease that you can get from floodwater that has rat urine. So, protect yourself by wearing this shoe cover whenever you walk on floodwater.