Sifting Litter Box Pet Litter Tray


This sifting litter box makes it easier for you to clean your pet’s poop without using a shovel
It has a wide space which makes it comfortable for your pet
This is easy to clean and does not accumulate bad odor
Material: Plastic
Size: 36 x 32 x 7cm
Package Content:

1 x Sifting Litter Box Pet Litter Tray

Sifting Litter Box Pet Litter Tray
Sifting Litter Box Pet Litter Tray $33.19

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Sifting Litter Box Pet Litter Tray
Having pets at home can make your house more lively. However, this does not make taking care of them any easier. You might find your home messier when having pets and it can be difficult to clean up after them. That is why they say that having pets is also a responsibility. You have to make sure that they are able to eat well and care for them. Also, one of the more challenging tasks in raising your pets is having to clean up their poop. Now, you don’t want them to defecate just about anywhere in your house so it is important to potty train them. And you can do that best by having this sifting litter box at home for your pets. With this, they will be able to defecate naturally in a specific area. This also makes it easier to clean up.
Convenient Sifting Desing
So your pet dog or cat can defecate naturally and comfortably, you first need to fill their litter box with sand. Naturally, animals like to cover their poop after doing their business. Now, most litter boxes need a shovel strainer so you can scoop out their poop. However, this means that you must first know where they pooped in order to scoop it out. Now, this sifting litter box is more convenient when cleaning up since you no longer have to scoop out their poop. You simply have to lift the first layer which looks like a strainer. This way, the sand will fall thus only leaving their poop. You can then dispose of it more easily.
Easy to Clean
This litter box does no accumulate bad odor because of its open design. This makes it easier for you to clean as well. Get one for your pet now and make it easier for you to clean up after them.