Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads


These Silicone Coasters are suitable for both cold and hot beverages
They are flexible and have a waterproof surface for easy cleaning
The coasters have cute fruit designs which allow them to serve as table decors

Material: Silicone / Weight: 10g

Diameter 9cm
Package Contents:

10 x Silicone Coaster

100 in stock

Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads
Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads $13.90

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Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads
Make mealtime more fun for the entire family with these Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads! They are perfect for everyday use and are durable! Many people do not realize the importance of having coasters. One of their main purposes is to prevent stains on your table. Drinks, especially cold ones, sweat on the outside and this may drip on your table as well as placemats. Some stains are irremovable and that’s why it is important to prevent stains before they even happen. Coasters are a must-have at home to preserve the qualities of both your placemats and your tables.
Silicone Material
 Most coasters are of plastic or fabric material but these ones are unique because they are silicone. The problem with fabric coasters is that moisture can still go through them and therefore, it can’t prevent stains effectively the way silicone coasters do. Also, they are harder to clean because they soak up any liquid they come in contact with. The advantage of silicone coasters is that they are flexible and have a waterproof surface. By simply wiping them with a cloth, you can dry them already and effectively remove the moisture or stain from it. Also, it has anti-slip properties that is perfect for preventing your cups and mugs from slipping off. Fabric coasters can move around because they don’t have a non-slip bottom and that’s why silicone is better.
Cute Designs
What makes them so unique is their cute fruit designs. They will not only serve as mere coasters but as table decorations as well. These coasters are perfect for special occasions and get-togethers because they make the plating even better. Kids will surely love them for their vibrant colors and attractive designs as well. Each set comes with ten pieces of coasters with different designs. These are suitable for both hot beverages or cold drinks.