Small Shelf WiFi Router Storage Box


Storage case for your modems and routers
Keeps cables, extension cords safe away from children’s reach and foot traffic
Made of hard plastic
Size: 24 x 20 x 8.5cm/40 x 20 x 9.5cm
Package contents: 1 x Small Shelf WiFi Router Storage Box

Small Shelf WiFi Router Storage Box
Small Shelf WiFi Router Storage Box $27.64$32.82

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Small Shelf WiFi Router Storage Box
A small shelf could mean anything in your home. If you like an organized home, you’re probably likely to have shelvings for every room in the house. The Small Shelf WiFi Router Storage Box serves an exceptional purpose that you should also have.
House Your WiFi Router
If you are one who likes to decorate at home, you’ll probably have organizers left and right. That’s crucial if one does want to know where everything is because it would save you the trouble of looking for what you need. From decorations to photo frames to books to shoes, shelves are the best organizers when we want to see them in an orderly fashion. It’s also why there’s no surprise if we ‘re presenting a shelf for your WiFi router, too. This simple box with a smiley and WiFi logo cutouts is a versatile and charming addition to the home that’s also with routers and modems at home. These appliances are delicate and must have their place of keeping so that cables and other parts of the modem won’t be pulled or played with by small children.
Keep Your Routers Safe
This shelving is made of quality hard plastic with holes at the top so that the antennas can go through. Depending on the size of the routers, you can get a smaller or bigger variant. You may even place a light decoration at the top. It’s also great that you can set an extension cord for the routers only. This is so that you don’t have to worry about where to draw power from. The cables could also be kept safe inside so that there will be no mess outside the shelf and nothing will break because of accidents. It’s the best housing for your modems away from foot traffic.