Smokeless Indoor Grill Electric Cooker


A smokeless electric grill that’s perfect for indoor use; It has an oil drainer drawer that catches oil drippings
It has a smart temperature control knob on the side and a non-stick surface
It’s perfect for urban living and for those who do not have so much time to prepare their meals
Size: 537 x 265 mm / Weight: 3.5 kg / Voltage: 220 V
Material: Carbon Steel + Teflon
Package Content:

1 x Smokeless Indoor Grill

Smokeless Indoor Grill Electric Cooker
Smokeless Indoor Grill Electric Cooker $237.48

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Smokeless Indoor Grill Electric Cooker
Are you always busy and don’t have time to prepare food for the family? Do you wish to have a quicker way to cook food? Perhaps a cooker that you can place in the table so you can eat while you cook? Then, this smokeless indoor grill is the cooker for you! This electric grill is a tabletop smokeless grill ideal for urban living. It is perfect for those who live alone or have busy, fast-paced lives. With this cooker, you can cook your food on your tabletop and serve the food straight into your plate. In fact, you can just pre-cut the meat and vegetables so you just take them out of the fridge when it’s cooking time. It’s a practical cooker for urban households especially those who do not have much time to cook hearty meals. Plus, it’s smokeless that’s why it’s perfect for indoor use!
What makes this electric better than any other grills is that it is smokeless. This griller does not emit big fumes of smoke while you cook. That is why it is ideal to use even in a small home where there’s little exhaust. This pan also has smart temperature control. So, you can adjust the temperature according to your preference. More importantly, it does not go overly hot that you might burn what you are cooking. Another thing to love about this pan is that it has a non-stick surface. So, you do not need to use so much oil, and you will not have a hard time cleaning the grill afterward.
This electric griller is slim and compact. It is just the right size for a tabletop electric griller. It has a stand that suspends the griller about an inch or two from the table. This is important so that you do not burn any part of your table.