Soup Strainer Conical Kitchen Tool


This Soup Strainer is suitable for filtering solid particles from the liquid
It has a cone shape that allows precise transferring of liquid and avoids spilling
There is a comfortable-to-grip handle and it is made of food-safe material
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 20×8.25 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Soup Strainer

100 in stock

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Soup Strainer Conical Kitchen Tool
Make delicious homemade soup without the hassle using this Soup Strainer Conical Kitchen Tool! It is a must-have in the kitchen and is multifunctional! Groceries sell soup in cans and bottles but even though this is convenient, nothing beats a good homemade one. Store-bought soup can contain a lot of preservatives that are not good for health at all. Meanwhile, you can take any ingredient you can find at home and turn it into a hearty soup. That is the only way you can make sure that the soup you are eating is fresh. One kitchen tool you should always have by your side when making it is a soup strainer.
Cone Shape
One of the main processes of making soup is to blend it into a puree. But no matter how much effort you make to blend it, you still can’t avoid getting particles that are too big to mix in with the liquid soup. To make sure that your soup is really smooth and perfect, you have to separate the big particles from the rest of it. A soup-strainer can help you do that without all the fuss. You simply have to pour it through this strainer first and it will filter all the impurities for you. What makes it unique is its shape. It has a cone shape that allows you to transfer the liquid precisely to avoid spills.
Mesh Material
Also, its material is mesh so it has fine holes that allow the liquid to pass through it smoothly. It is stainless too so it is safe for food because it is rustproof. It has a long handle that is comfortable to hold and a small extension on its other side. That way, you can hang it over a pot or container and it won’t move around as you pour the soup. Aside from soup, you can also use this strainer for other liquids such as oils and sauces.

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