Spiral Vegetable Cutter Kitchen Tool


This Spiral Vegetable Cutter cuts vegetables into perfect spiral shapes
It is also ideal to use on other vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and more
The tool has a plastic handle which is easy to grip and non-slip
Material: Stainless Steel Metal
Package Contents:

1 x Spiral Vegetable Cutter

100 in stock

Spiral Vegetable Cutter Kitchen Tool
Spiral Vegetable Cutter Kitchen Tool $9.90

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Spiral Vegetable Cutter Kitchen Tool
Now you can cut cucumbers into spiral shapes with this Spiral Vegetable Cutter Kitchen Tool! You can also use it to cut other vegetables! The most common way of cutting vegetables is by using a knife to cut them into thin circle slices. But anyone who has kids know how picky they can be when it comes to food especially vegetables. This the importance of finding new ways to present the food. The more interesting they look, the more kids are eager to try it out. Not only kids will benefit from it but adults who would like to impress their friends with their cooking as well. This kitchen tool is perfect for spiraling cucumbers but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other types of vegetables as well.
Easy to Use
The good thing about this tool is that it is easy to use. To cut vegetables into a spiral shape, simply twist it into the vegetable with its sharp tip facing down. Then, hold the handle and gently push it inside. As soon as you pull out the tool, you can have a perfectly-shaped vegetable already. You can also slice it open so you can take out the vegetable spiral without ruining it. It is a manual tool so it is practical since you don’t have to spend extra on batteries or electricity anymore. It is ideal to use this tool when making salads and many other dishes.
Plastic Handle
The best part is that this tool has a plastic handle. The bottom part is of high-quality metal so it is durable. It can also cut the vegetable effectively that way since it won’t bend or deform easily. Because vegetables often contain water, you can expect that the tool will be wet while using it. It’s a good thing that its handle is made of plastic so you can grip it comfortably. Also, plastic doesn’t get slippery easily the way metals do and that is its main advantage.