Steel Dustbin Desk Trash Can


Having this stainless dustbin near your workspace will help you maintain cleanliness better
Its stainless steel material makes its design minimal and neat to look at, it is easy to clean as well
The spin-top lid covers the trash so it does not look messy, it also hassle-free design
Material: stainless steel
Capacity: 1.5 L
Size: 12 x 16cm or 4.72 x 6.3″
Package Content:

1 x Steel Dustbin Desk Trash Can

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Steel Dustbin Desk Trash Can
Steel Dustbin Desk Trash Can $36.62

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Steel Dustbin Desk Trash Can
Keeping your workspace clean and organized can help you increase your productivity. This is because working in a clean environment allows you to focus better and eventually get more work done. So, that is why it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your work desk so you can work better. Moreover, aside from increasing productivity, a clean workspace also puts you in a good mood when working which is equally just as important when it comes to getting things done. However, it is inevitable for you not to make a mess or have some garbage on your workspace. That’s why having trash can near you while you work is an effective way to maintain cleanliness in your workspace. So, if you need one then this stainless steel dustbin is what you need. Now, keeping your desk neat will become easier.
Stainless Steel
This desk trash bin is a stainless metal which makes it look very minimalist and clean to look at. If you are someone who wants to have a simple yet neat-looking trash bin then this is a perfect one for you. It gives a clean image that will make your desk appear cleaner instead of using a brightly colored trash can. Not to mention, bright colors might only be too distracting when you are working. Whereas this stainless steel trash can provides a cleaner and simpler design. Consequently, its stainless metal material makes it easier to clean as well in comparison to using plastic ones.
Swing-Top Lid
Your trash won’t be on display since this trash bin has a cover. Not only that, but this swing-top lid also makes it easier for you to throw your trash as well since you won’t have to exert effort in opening the lid. Just simply push down the cover to throw your trash.