String Trimmer Universal Mower Head


The String Trimmer Universal Mower Head can fit most types of lawnmowers
It’s a great alternative to blade-type mowers; it is flexible and ideal for steep and irregular terrains
It is easy to install and change; It is durable and produces minimal vibration levels
Material: Plastic/ Product Size: Approx. 12 x 12 x 5cm (4.72 x 4.72 x  1.97 inches)
Length of wire: Approx. 22cm (8.66 inches)
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1 x String Trimmer Universal Mower Head

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String Trimmer Universal Mower Head
Give your lawn a fresh look with the String Trimmer Universal Mower Head! It has a 25.4 mm bore that fits most types of lawn mowers! A lawnmower is a grass-cutting device that does the job more. Some people use garden shears to trim plants. Not only do those take a lot of time and effort, but they also put you at risk of injuries. If you still don’t have mowers, you should consider getting one to save you time. It’ll help to encourage you to trim the plants and grass. And in getting a lawnmower, here’s why you should get a string trimmer type.
Monofilament String V.S. Blade
String trimmers are also called as weed-whackers or line-trimmers in other places. They work like regular lawn mowers but they use monofilament lines instead of blades. Mowers with blades work fine too but they have their limitations. Since their blades are sturdy and fixed, they can’t reach areas with obstructions. String trimmers are flexible and can reach them. String trimmers work through the concept of centrifugal force. It means that the faster it turns, the stiffer and more powerful it cuts. It is ideal to use on steep areas, places with nearby objects, and irregular surfaces.
Easy to Install
This mower head is durable; it’s also easy to change and install. It produces only a minimal amount of vibration. This reduces the fatigue of your arms experience while using it. Also, it is much lighter as compared to blade-type mower heads and with that, it is easier to carry and control. Moreover, the monofilament strings are replaceable. You can find replacements for it in many local stores. Remember, your lawn is the frontmost part of your home that people get to see first. Make sure it represents you well with this String Trimmer Universal Mower Head!

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