Tecsun PL-660 FM AM LW MW SW SSB Air PLL SYNC Digital Tuning Stereo Radio Full Band Audio Player Radio High Sensitivity Receiver


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Specifications:Noise Limited Sensitivity:FM  (S/N=30dB)
FM MW (S/N=26dB)
MW LW  (S/N=26dB)
LW SW  (S/N=26dB)
SW SSB (S/N=10dB)
SSB AIR  (S/N=10dB)
AIR Signal-noise ratio(SNR/S/N)FM:MW/LW:SW:Frequency coverage:FM:76-108MHz/87-108MHzMW:522-1620KHz/520-1710KHzLW:100-519 KHz SW:1711-29999 KHz AIR:118-137 MHz Dimension:18.7×11.4×3.3cm(WxLxH)Power supplies:Built-in 4×AA(UM3) size Ni-Mh rechargeable batteriesBuilt in DC 5V USB jack, Earphone jack
Features:It can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, short wave single sideband communication signal and aviation band signal, with high sensitivity, good selectivity, beautiful sound quality, and convenient operationThe FM receiving range is 76-108MHz, which can receive FM radio frequencies in China, Europe, America and Japan. It can also receive some domestic campus broadcast frequencies and TV soundsShort-wave single-sideband (SSB) sub-band and lower sideband (LSB) independent receptionFrequency modulation uses synchronous detection and secondary frequency conversion technology to greatly improve the sensitivity of listening, selectivity, and anti-mirror, adjacent channel interferenceIt has an FM/short-wave external antenna jack and a high/medium/low 3-speed sensitivity control switch for remote reception (DX)Manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic (ATS) storage of up to 2000 radio frequencies. Among them, 800 are stored by the band (100 in frequency modulation/medium wave/long wave/aviation band, and 200 in short wave/single sideband). The remaining 1200 frequencies are not randomly stored in 12 pages (12×100)High quality and high sensitivity speaker, good tone; high/bass control switch for listening to different programs; earphones for FM stereo broadcastThe man-machine interface is friendly and easy to use and has a very practical multi-function digital adjustment knob that can be used to set the time. Adjust the frequency. Select the storage page and addressDual-time power-on function, and power-on to receiving radio programs with pre-stored frequenciesThe intelligent switch machine can be set to automatically shut down after 1-120 minutes of power-on, or cancel the automatic power-off functionSix-channel selection methods:Manually search for the station frequency (VF)Input the frequency number directly Manually search for pre-stored stations (VMs)Directly enter the pre-stored station address numberAutomatically search for the station frequencyAutomatically search for stored station frequencyPackage Included:1 x TECSUN PL-660 Radio1 x External Antenna1 x Earphone1 x User Manual


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