Tire Gauge Digital Pressure Meter


Tests the tire pressure value accurately
A digital tool for easy and convenient use
It automatically saves current data for later reading
Dial Diameter:1.9 Inches with a maximum measuring range of 200PSI & above
Product size: 143 x 45 x 23mm / Weight: 41g / Power supply: one 3V CR2032 battery
Package content/s: 1 x Tire Gauge Digital Pressure Meter

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Tire Gauge Digital Pressure Meter
Tire Gauge Digital Pressure Meter $21.45

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Tire Gauge Digital Pressure Meter
A Tire gauge is a useful tool in measuring the pressure of tires on a particular vehicle. A digital pressure meter is a handy type of measuring device. It is essential to keep the weight of your tires at a significant amount. To do that, you will need this tool since their best pressure grades tires. Similarly, maintaining proper inflation of your tire is simple and essential for the overall tire performance of your vehicle. Always remember that you need this tool to make sure your tires are inflated with the recommended pressure of your vehicle tires. It will assure you that you have the best control vehicle and gain high fuel efficiency. Overinflated tires are a big no. It will only cause your vehicle to bounce around since a lesser part of the tire will touch the ground.
How To Use
Push ON button to turn your device on. If you previously use it, last test result automatically displays. Push ON button to select needed unit PSI -BAR-KPA-Kg/cm2. Also, you need to place the nozzle of the device unto the tire valve. Press it tightly and make sure that no wheezing sound is heard. Test it for at least 3 seconds and move the equipment away afterward. After 15 seconds, the LCD will show zero. Therefore, it will be ready to use for another test. If you leave your device without using after a minute, the device will turn off automatically.