Toe Separator Socks Elastic Footwear

Toe Separator Socks Elastic Footwear


These Toe Separator Socks relieve pain and allow unrestricted blood flow to the toes
It has great elasticity that is comfortable to wear and can fit many foot sizes
Made of soft but durable fabric material that is washable and reusable as well
Sole Measurement: About 7 x 3.5 inches
Length Above Ankle: 3.75 inches
Material: Acrylon
Package Contents:

1 Pair Toe Separator Socks



Toe Separator Socks Elastic Footwear
Relieve the pressure from your toes with these Toe Separator Socks Elastic Footwear! They are comfortable to wear and reusable too! You may not feel it right away but your feet bear a lot of pressure from walking around and standing all day. When you are busy, you may not notice it but at the end of the day, all the pain and discomfort will come all at once. This is usually because wearing shoes all day cramps your feet inside which restricts blood flow. What you can do to help relax your feet is to wear these toe separator socks.
For Pain Relief
The good thing about these socks is that there are five holes so there is one for each toe. Its main purpose is to create space temporarily between each toe. That way, the blood can flow freely back on to the tips of your toes. It is great for relaxing nights where you just take the pressure off your feet for a few minutes. It is also a much more convenient relaxation item because all you have to do is wear it. No need to use electricity or batteries so it is very practical. Each set comes with a pair of them so you can balance both feet.
Great Elasticity
Another good thing about it is that it has high elasticity. This means that it is slightly stretchable so you can place your foot inside it without hassle. Also, it can fit many sizes because of its great elasticity. They are a high-quality material that is soft but still durable enough to provide compression to the feet. This is what helps relieve pain in the area. Finally, it is washable and therefore, reusable so you can get as many uses as you’d like out of it.

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