Toilet Air Freshener Fragrance Snail


You can keep your toilet and the entire comfort room always smelling good with this toilet air freshener
This air freshener has a fun and clever snail design with a suction cup to place it on your bathroom walls
Inside the snail’s shell is where the fragrance ball is that gives off a fragrant smell that you’ll love
Material: ABS + Silicone + Aromatherapy Ball
Size: 7cm x 4.5cm x 4cm
Package Content:

1 x Toilet Air Freshener Fragrance Snail + Aromatherapy Ball

Toilet Air Freshener Fragrance Snail
Toilet Air Freshener Fragrance Snail $13.90

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Toilet Air Freshener Fragrance Snail
Nobody wants to use a dirty and smelly bathroom. That is why keeping it clean and smelling good is very important. Not only does a dirty and smelly bathroom very unhygienic, but it is also very embarrassing when you have guests over your house. However, the comfort room can be very susceptible to odor, especially our toilet. Still, it is all the more reason why we should try to keep it clean and smelling good all the time. That way, you can do your business comfortably. More so, it won’t be embarrassing to invite a guest to your house that might use your comfort room. By using this toilet air freshener, you can now keep your toilet and your entire comfort room smelling good and clean. So, you can use the toilet more comfortably without feeling dirty or dealing with bad odor.

Snail Suction Design
Aside from effectively getting rid of bad smells and keeping the comfort room smelling good, this air freshener actually has a fun and adorable design. This has a shape of a snail, and cleverly enough, it uses suction as well. So, that allows you to stick this on your bathroom walls. So, it really does seem like a snail that can crawl and stick on walls. This makes the air freshener design very clever, and it gives it a sense of humor. More so, on the snail’s shell is where you can see the air freshener. It is kept on the shell, which is responsible for keeping your comfort room smelling good.

Fragrant Scent Ball
In the snail’s shell, you can find the scent ball, which gives off a scent. You will definitely love the smell of the scent ball, and it will make your comfort room smelling good all the time.