Toothbrush Sterilizer UV Light Holder


Keep your toothbrush clean and free from germs and bacteria by using this toothbrush sterilizer
It emits UV light inside that disinfects your toothbrush and leaves it cleaner for you to use
This works as a good toothbrush holder with its wall-mounted design and strong adhesive
Material: ABS
Power Supply: 3 x AAA battery
Size: Approx. 8.6 x 7.3 x 5.6cm
Package Content:

1 x Toothbrush Sterilizer UV Light Holder (Batteries not included)

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Toothbrush Sterilizer UV Light Holder
Toothbrush Sterilizer UV Light Holder $26.90

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Toothbrush Sterilizer UV Light Holder
Having good oral hygiene is just as important as body hygiene. Every day, we eat all kinds of food and these food particles can get in between and get stuck on your teeth. This will then cause problems for you later in time. Consequently, this can lead to your teeth getting cavities and hurting. Aside from that, poor oral hygiene can cause teeth stains as well as bad breath. Now, having any of those would be embarrassing. So, make sure that you maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly. This can prevent cavities, teeth stains, bad breath, and overall just healthier mouth. However, it is not enough to have a good toothbrush to do so. Consequently, you also have to make sure that you keep your toothbrush clean. So, invest in this good toothbrush sterilizer so you can be sure that your toothbrush is clean.
UV Disinfection
Inside this toothbrush-sterilizer is a UV light that is responsible for effectively cleaning your toothbrush. This kills the germs and bacteria that are present in your toothbrush by exposing it to the UV light in a good amount of time. More so, this prevents bacteria and germs present in the toothbrush from infecting your mouth. This might cause oral health problems for you later on from not disinfecting it properly. Not only does this effectively clean your toothbrush and get rid of germs but this works as a good holder as well. Now, you can organize your toothbrushes better in your bathroom by using this. This keeps your toothbrush and disinfects it at the same time.
You can save space if you use this one with its wall-mounted design. It is also easy to install with its strong adhesive that securely holds and sticks against your bathroom wall.