Tower of Hanoi Game Educational Toy


This game will not only bring fun to kids and adults alike but learning as well
It can help enhance your child’s logical and thinking skills
Made with wooden material making it safe to use and long-lasting
Material: wood

Storage box base: 22.8 x 9.8 x 4cm
Discs: 7cm (largest disc); 2.8cm (smallest disc); 1cm (thickness)
Peg: 10.8cm (length)

Package content:

1 x Tower of Hanoi Game Educational Toy

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Tower of Hanoi Game Educational Toy
Tower of Hanoi Game Educational Toy $34.50

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Tower of Hanoi Game Educational Toy
Have your kids play with this tower of Hanoi game. This will surely bring fun and learning as well. Moreover, playing with this game will help them enhance their logical and thinking skills. Encourage your children to use and play with physical toys. Lessen and regulate their screen time and help them not to experience a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, a child’s nature is full of energy. So they need to use this energy to keep a healthy lifestyle. Also, have them play with educational toys for them to learn things on their own. Give them this toy game and they will certainly enjoy it.
Wooden and Colorful Materials
This toy is wooden material, making it safe to use for children. Moreover, it has colorful pieces for easy differentiation. There are 2 styles available – one has a storage compartment at the bottom of the base. With this, your child can keep the pieces in here when not in use. While the other style has no storage container – just the base, pieces, and the pegs. All styles are an equally fun and exciting toy for kids to learn and play with. Likewise, the paint is water-based paint to give more safety to your kids.
Challenging yet Fun to Play With
This game can surely enhance your child’s logical skills. Moreover, this is a mathematical and strategic game. To play this game, there are several rules to follow. There are 3 pegs (A, B, and C) on the base. On the first peg (A), are 10 discs in a pyramid shape and the discs have different colors. The game aims to move all the discs on peg C but only one at a time. You can store the disc temporarily on peg B. Also, no big disc must be placed on the same plate and the same peg every movement.