Universal Knife Block Plastic Holder


The Universal Knife Block can store all sizes and shapes of kitchen knives
It has high-quality rods in its core that hold the knives tightly in place
The case is removable for convenient cleaning and drying of the knife holder
Material: Plastic / Size: 11cm x 22cm
Weight: about 1000 grams
Package Contents:

1 x Universal Knife Block

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Universal Knife Block Plastic Holder
Universal Knife Block Plastic Holder $37.76

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Universal Knife Block Plastic Holder
Now you can store any type of kitchen knife you have at home in this Universal Knife Block Plastic Holder! It efficiently organizes knives in your kitchen! Most people have more than just one kitchen knife. This is because the purpose of knives differs depending on their size and shape. The problem with most knife holders is that they can’t accommodate all sizes of knives. It limits the number of knives it can hold because they are specifically made for certain sizes already. But this one is a universal knife block and it is unique from all the other knife holders.
Universal Organizer
The good thing about it is that instead of slots, it has a core with multiple thin rods where you can insert knives in. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to find a specific slot for your knife anymore. By simply pushing it into this knife block, you can store it already. These rods are arranged in a way that accommodates all shapes and sizes without ruining their shapes. Once you insert the blade into it, the rods will tighten and this will hold them in place securely. This is convenient both in storing the knives and taking them out.
Easy to Clean
Another advantage of this is that it is easy to clean. In fact, it would be much easier to remove the gunk and moisture from this as compared to regular knife holders. This is because you can remove the casing of the knife holder so you can clean it as you normally would. Regular soap and water are enough to clean it. It also helps that the case is removable in terms of drying it. This way, you can make sure that no moisture is inside as this can only host bacteria. Finally, this universal knife block is of non-toxic material.