Urine PH Test Strips Paper Roll
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Urine PH Test Strips Paper Roll

$86.88 $26.88


This Urine PH Test Strip tests the alkaline or acid levels of substances in just seconds
It is multipurpose as it can be used to test urine, soil, drinking water and more
The strips come in a roll form that makes it portable and easy to carry around
Material: Paper
Total length: approx. 5m
PH Range: 0-14
Package Contents:

1 Roll Urine PH Test Strip

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Urine PH Test Strips Paper Roll
Keep track of your health even when you’re just at home with these Urine PH Test Strips Paper Roll! It is easy to use and multipurpose as well! Urine is one of the most common things that people use to gauge their health status. The acidity levels in it can tell you a lot about your condition. However, it can be such a hassle to keep getting a urine test at the hospital just to monitor yourself. Not only does it require your time but it can cost you some money too. This is why you should do your own tests at home instead. These urine PH test strips can help you get results in just seconds.
Multipurpose Strips
This strip works by changing color once it gets into contact with liquid. It will change into a certain color that indicates the alkaline or acid level in your urine. There are five different levels that you can potentially fall into. But aside from urine, you can use these strips for many different purposes. It is suitable for checking the PH level in the soil, saliva, and even for checking the water quality of drinking water or aquariums. It provides accurate results after just 15 to 30 seconds. Also, it comes in a roll form so it is portable.
How to Use
The best part is that it is very easy to conduct this test. First, remove a strip from the roll itself. Then, dip the strip into the liquid that you want to test and wait for it to change color. This usually takes just about a second or so. Immediately within the fifteen to thirty seconds since the strip changed color, compare it to the color guide in front of the roll. You can then tell which level you are depending on the color closest to the chart. The advantage of this chart is that it helps you analyze the results precisely and easily.

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