UV Grow Light Plant LED Lamp


You can grow your plants at home still even without sunlight by using this UV grow light
Its blue light is ideal for growing plants, on the other hand, the red one is ideal for flowering plants
This UV grow lamp is energy-saving and can be powered by plugging the USB cord to the power supply

Voltage: USB, DC5V / LED Chip: SMD5730 / Lifespan: 10000 hours / Lumens: 30lLM/W

Wavelength: Red:660nm; Blue:460nm / ​Plug model: USB port / Light Size: 12 x 1.5cm / Cord Length: 21cm

Wattage Variants:

3W: 10 Red +4 Blue (14Leds)

5W: 18Red + 9Blue (27Leds)

Package Contents per Bundle

Bundle 1:

1 x UV Grow Light Plant LED Lamp

Bundle 2:

1 x UV Grow Light Plant LED Lamp
1 x USB Flexible Pole

UV Grow Light Plant LED Lamp
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UV Grow Light Plant LED Lamp
In order for a plant to grow, it will need sunlight and water. Everyone knows this but it does not make it easier when growing plants. Some people have a hard time keeping their plants alive although they keep it in sunlight and water it regularly. That is why some people buy fake plants instead since they can’t seem to keep their plants alive. However, growing real plants still feels more rewarding and feels nicer to have at home rather than fake ones. This is because plants actually help improve the air at home. Also, the best alternative that you can use aside from sunlight to grow your plant effectively is this UV grow light. Plant feed on the UV rays that the sunlight gives off. So, by using this UV lamp, your plant will still be grown just as effectively as being under the sunlight.
Red and Blue Light
This lamp has two light spectrum which is the red and blue light. Consequently, together they make this violet light that your plant needs. Using this lamp to grow your plant is very convenient for those who have limited sunlight coming in their space. By using this lamp on your plant, you no longer have to keep on transferring your plant outside to catch some sunlight. So, this is perfect for those who are too busy to tend to their plants. The blue light of this lamp is very effective in growing plants. While the red one is more effective in growing flowering plants.
Energy Saving
You can use this lamp for your plants for a long time since this is energy saving. Simply plug this USB cord to a power supply to turn it on. Now, you can use this for your plant the whole night when you are home after work.