Vintage Antique Style Rotary Phone Fashioned Retro Handset Old Telephone Home Office Decor


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Specification:Name:Antique Style Phone
Size:255 x 165 x 210mm
Features:1. handle:phone handle, bracket, etc. made of zinc alloy parts die-casting, it looks high-end, exquisite appearance. Handle weight, strong.
2. electroplating:High-quality high-temperature hydrolytic electroplating gold, spray oil inlet protection, and then high-temperature baking, to ensure a stable metallic luster, to maintain long-lasting, noble, more difficult not to be oxidized. Should pay attention to the use of similar products in more vacuum coating, easy oxidation, easy to change color.
3. rotary dial is different from the traditional rotary dial, using advanced German technology, imported chips. Dial fast, accurate, to solve the traditional dial dial speed, error code, wrong code and so on.
4. ceramic:fine and smooth surface, color and clean, no pit, no scars. Should pay attention to some manufacturers of ceramic finish is not enough, more pit, not smooth.
5. Wood Arts:The original wood refined fine grinding, smooth finish, prominent antique effect. Before and after the process are drying process, to minimize cracking phenomenon.
6. circuit:structural optimization design, selection of high-quality sheet glass, double-pane, moisture-proof, anti-static outstanding features. Electronic lightning protection, anti-theft function (to prevent and machine, loss of your telephone charges), anti-static grounding device. Good quality electronic devices, the number of feet, the overall quality is good, very stable, long time.
7. function:re-pull, push-to-talk, check under the check and other ordinary telephone has the practical features, buttons have caller ID, dial and rotate, no caller ID.
Function configuration:1. No external power supply, no battery, direct use of telephone line current work.
2. Retro ringtones. (sweet jingle bell sound)
3. Hands-free and rotate dial.
Package Included:1 x Antique Style Phone


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