Water Beads Orbeez Bullet Decoration


Beads that expand in water
Use as a child’s toy bullet for specific toy guns or as decoration and soil replacement for potted plants
Submerge 200 beads in 180ml for 2-5 hours to transform
Package content: 1 x pack of 10,000 beads
Bead size: 9mm-11mm (after soaking in water)

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Water Beads Orbeez Bullet Decoration
Water beads are novelty items that serve many uses. They start out as hard balls but eventually soften and expand with the use of water. Experiment and work with your imagination with these Water Beads Orbeez Bullet Decoration.
Versatile Water Beads
Depending on what purpose these water beads will serve both children and adults their fun. Their transformation from tiny little beads to plump water balls is just as interesting. It’s a good way to bond with the kids by experimenting and discovering some knowledge. Once they’re transformed, the beads can be used as bullets for toy guns that can fire them as ammo. They are soft beads which are also why they won’t hurt anyone as long as guns are not pointed to the face.
The beads are non-toxic, non-flammable and good for the environment because they’re 100% biodegradable. Aside from serving as toys, they are also good at decorating materials. Floral arrangements and centerpieces can make use of these beads as additional accent pieces for decorative candles, flowers, figurines and more.
Easy and Fun To Use
Submerge every 200 beads into 180ml of water for about 3 to 5 hours to absorb the liquid. You can use them as toy bullets for kids. They are also good replacements for stones and marbles that are people use as decorations in the home. They look rather beautiful inside glass containers and add more color in a bland space. Each pack has 10,000 pieces of beads and they also come in six different colors to choose from. Once children tire of playing with water beads, you can crumble them and use as soil for potted plants because the bagged soil has the same polymer content as water beads. For safe disposal, just place them in a trash bag. Avoid drain and garbage disposal units because they tend to clog pipes.

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