Waterproof Car Seat Cover For Front Seat


A single cover that can protect the car seat from getting wet
It can also protect the seat against dust, dirt, and other harmful elements
Can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and it has a drawstring closure style
Material: Polyester
Size: 132 x 54cm
Weight: 350g
Package Includes:

1pc x Waterproof Car Seat Cover For Front Seat

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Waterproof Car Seat Cover For Front Seat
Waterproof Car Seat Cover For Front Seat $22.90

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Waterproof Car Seat Cover For Front Seat
This Car Seat Cover is Waterproof and it is suitable for the front seat of your car. Since it has a single seat design, it would be nice if you use it in the two front seats of your vehicle. In fact, this material can offer you a lot of benefits especially if the weather keeps on changing. For example, today is a hot sunny day then the next day rain keeps on pouring down. The weather can also affect the inner parts of your vehicle because if it is sunny outside, the car seat will also heat up. If the weather is rainy and then you get wet, the seat will also get wet as you sit inside. This is why it is important to cover our car seat. It can prevent the vehicle’s seat from wearing out and also from damage.
Benefits Of Using A Car Seat Cover 
Using a waterproof cover can prevent unpleasant odor on your car seat. Sitting on it for a very long time can develop an unpleasant odor over time especially if you accidentally spilled some liquid beverage on the seat. Good thing we have a reliable cover that is water-resistant. Now you can prevent the liquid from reaching your car seat. At the same time, it can also help you prevent the seat from fading its color because if you cover the car seat, the sunlight won’t directly hit on it. This is a great investment for vehicle owners and it adds an instant style to your car. Aside from that, it can fit perfectly on the seat of your car. It can effectively keep the car seat clean throughout the day. But also keep in mind to wash it every once in a while.