Wax Seal Stamp Kit Vintage Stamp


DIY wax-sealing is now a lot easier with this wax sealing kit!
Wax sealing your envelopes give it an extra classic-vintage look; You can go creative with your stamp
The kit is user-friendly and the wax is very easy to melt; You’ll be a wax-sealing pro in no time!
Material: Gold-Plated, Brass Head
Size: Length (Seal Head + Handle: 90mm) / Seal Diameter: 25mm/0.98″
Package Content Variants:

Complete Set:

1 x Sealing Wax Stamp
3 x Wax Sticks (Red/Gold/Silver)
2 x Lighting Candles
1 x Melting Ladle
1 x Box

Wax Seal Stamp Kit Vintage Stamp
Wax Seal Stamp Kit Vintage Stamp $29.99

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Wax Seal Stamp Kit Vintage Stamp
Wax seals make envelopes look vintage and classic. It’s like something straight out of a fairy tale storybook. You know the ones that the royalties use when they are writing a letter to someone. With this wax seal stamp kit, you too can wax-seal your own envelopes! Each set is complete with everything that you need to start your own DIY wax-sealing. Wax seals are perfect for invitation envelopes like for your wedding, debut, birthday, baby shower, or whatever party that you are hosting. It’s very easy to do and the wax in this package meals quick. This wax-sealing kit is user-friendly. It’s very easy to learn and soon, you’ll be wax-sealing like a pro! Each kit comes with a wax sealing stamp (you can choose the design in the variants section). Moreover, it also comes with 3 wax sticks, 1 melting ladle, and two candlesticks.
Easy to Use
DIY wax-sealing is as easy as one, two, three. It’s very easy to do and the wax seals are also very easy to melt. Moreover, there are so many ways that you can be creative with your wax sealing. If you want a more rustic look for your wax seal, you can insert a little dried flower in your stamp while it’s wet. On the other hand, if you want to make it look more sparkly and girly, you can sprinkle glitters and beads on the wax. For an elegant look, you may add pieces of small white beads or pearls to the melted wax seal.
Seals the Envelope
Aside from being a cute decoration for your envelope, this wax also prevents it from getting tampered. The wax seals the envelope, so you’ll know when someone tries to open it without your consent. It’s a great way to keep your envelope confidential.