Wine Tumbler Telescopic Stainless Cup


The Wine Tumbler Telescopic Stainless Cup is foldable and travel-friendly
It has good temperature preservation which makes it ideal for both hot and cold drinks
It makes wines taste fresher since its material preserves the quality and prevents staling
Material: Stainless Steel/ Capacity Variants: 60mL, 140mL
Size per Variant: (Folded Size/ Full Size)

60mL: 18 x 50 mm/ 46 x 70 mm
140mL: 32 x 65 mm/ 60 x 65 mm

Package Contents:

 1 x Wine Tumbler Telescopic Stainless Cup

Wine Tumbler Telescopic Stainless Cup
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Wine Tumbler Telescopic Stainless Cup
Enjoy a nice cup of wine even when outdoors with this Wine Tumbler Telescopic Stainless Cup! It’s ideal for drinking wine and other drinks! Most people drink their wine in slender wine glasses. But what if there’s an alternative to it that has great taste benefits? A wine tumbler is of metal material that usually comes in the form of a cup. It also has a lid that you can use to preserve the temperature inside. The lid will also prevent contaminants from getting inside your drink. Here’s why you should get this telescopic wine tumbler.
Why You Should Buy It
One of the main advantages of using a stainless steel cup over glass is that it preserves the quality. Since steel is a better conductor for temperature, the cup itself gets cold too as soon as you put a cold drink inside it. Because of this, the cup serves as a cooling system for the drink inside and slows down the warmth that takes over it. Also, using a cup is more stable than a wine glass. This wine tumbler has a wide base which can stand better and will not tip over, unlike glass.
Telescopic Design
What makes this unique from other wine tumblers is that this is telescopic. This means that it is foldable to save on room space and make it easier to travel with. You can even use it as a keychain for easy access and convenience. The good thing is that you can use this cup for other beverages too. It’s ideal for both cold and hot drink because, at mentioned, it preserves temperature well. Also, there are two variants you can choose from depending on the capacity you need. Finally, it is durable and resistant to rusting.