Wireless Door Chime Self-Powered Doorbell


Easy to install, no wires and cables required
Self-powered device
With 58 melodies installed
Adjustable volume
With flash/light
Up to 150 meters operatable
No battery required

Wireless Door Chime Self-Powered Doorbell
Wireless Door Chime Self-Powered Doorbell $36.46$54.98

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Wireless Door Chime Self-Powered Doorbell
Make sure you get notified right away when there are visitors outside your house with the Wireless Door Chime Self-Powered Doorbell. No wirings and batteries involved, this doorbell only needs to be plugged on a power outlet to work! Very convenient and practical which you can locate anywhere in your home.
Quick to Install
Whether you own a big or a small house, it is really a good idea of having a doorbell. Your visitors do not need anymore to call your name numerous times before you can know that they are waiting outside your door. Or if you are expecting a package delivery, the person can just press the button to let you know that he is already there. This serves as a security purpose too as you get informed whenever is somebody outside your door. You do not need to open the door right away, you can have a peak first in your window to check who is outside before opening it.
Easy to Operate
Once plugged to power, this device is ready o use! You can choose from 58 melodies on which you want the doorbell will sound. There are short and long melodies you can choose from. You can also change the volume if you prefer it loud or not. This device also can work in 4 modes: sounds only, flash only, sound and flash or sound and light on.