Yoga Resistance Tube Workout Band


Stretchable material that can help you tone your body
Effective fitness equipment for building strong muscles
Assists you well on your progress in achieving a physically fit body
Material: TPE
Size: 6 x 9cm
Package Includes:

1 x Yoga Resistance Tube Workout Band

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Yoga Resistance Tube Workout Band
Yoga Resistance Tube Workout Band $16.61

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Yoga Resistance Tube Workout Band
Tone your body and build your muscles to be strong with the help of this Yoga Resistance Tube! A workout band that you can use as you start your workout program. In fact, this elastic band can help you exercise your upper and lower body. You can even do it wherever you want to go. Whether you are at the gym or exercising at home, it could be a very helpful material. Aside from that, it can always help you enhance your mobility, balance, and fall efficacy. This is a lightweight and flexible material that you can easily keep inside your travel gym bag. So whenever you want to do strength training, you may consider using this resistance band. It will never fail in helping you achieve your body goals.
Using Resistance Tube For Body Exercise
For example, you are doing an ankle jumping jack. You have to put the band around your ankles and then stand in a quarter squat position. Your feet must be width apart and then you place your hands on your chest. Afterward, you can start jumping your feet in and out up to twenty counts. This band can also be used while you are doing a standing lateral leg raise. Put your hands on your hips while standing with your legs width apart. Make sure the band is well fixed and then you can start raising your right leg up as you can. Then you can repeat it once again on the other side.
Assisting You With Your Exercise
This material can effectively assist you with your exercises. Since the whole band can be stretched out, it can increase some tension to your muscles. It can always add some support to your body and it can add some support to your weight as you do a pull-up exercise.