You Pin’s AKKU 3.6V 3000mAh Cordless Brushless Li-ion Electric Drill Driver: A Multi-function Type-C Rechargeable Two-speed Power Drill Screwdriver


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AKKU 3.6V 3000mAh Cordless Brushless Li-ion Electric Drill Driver From You Pin Multi-function Type-C Rechargeable Two-speed Power Drill Screwdiver
You Pin's AKKU 3.6V 3000mAh Cordless Brushless Li-ion Electric Drill Driver: A Multi-function Type-C Rechargeable Two-speed Power Drill Screwdriver $69.99

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Introducing the AKKU Brushless Two-speed Li-ion Electric Drill, a ⁣product of Xiaomi You Pin. This​ model, AK701, operates at a voltage of 3.6V and⁣ is powered by⁤ a 3000mAh battery. The​ charging time is between⁢ 90-120 minutes, and it⁢ operates‌ at a no-load speed of 0-230/0-800rpm.⁣

The drill has a torque ​of⁣ 10Nm and can clamp ⁢a bit⁣ diameter of up to 10mm. It can ‍twist screws of size 5X‍ 60mm ⁣and​ has a drilling capacity of 5mm on metal and 8mm on cork. The machine weighs ⁢a mere 0.52kg ⁤and measures approximately 150 X 45 X ⁣160mm.

This drill is ⁣equipped with⁣ a professional brushless controller that ⁢includes a discharge protection function, ensuring precise control over the machine’s⁤ operation. The⁣ brushless motor provides robust power,⁢ making it easy to⁤ disassemble or drill ⁤holes.

The ⁤AKKU Aladdin battery​ pack is designed for future compatibility with subsequent product developments. ⁣The drill‌ features a precision two-speed gearbox. The low speed can twist screws, while the high speed can drill holes at up to 800RPM. ​The high-precision bearings ensure low noise, less ⁢wear, and strong​ durability.

The drill incorporates a smart phone side entity touch key design, with a key life of​ 200,000 times. ⁣The green light indicates forward motion⁤ for ​screwing and drilling, while the red light signifies reverse motion⁢ for unscrewing.

The drill comes with a front LED light⁢ that illuminates the working area in low light conditions. The 21,700 single high capacity lithium battery can discharge⁢ continuously‌ up to 30A.

The ⁢drill set includes 8 chrome vanadium steel screwdriver bits and an extension rod. The bits are high in hardness and toughness, ensuring precise bite and refusal to slide wire. The set also‍ includes a 50mm magnetic extension rod.

The Type-C charging port supports blind plug-in⁣ and is universal ‍for any home​ charger. You can charge it anytime for long endurance.​ The drill’s‍ ergonomic design makes​ it compact,‌ lightweight, ⁤easy to hold, and store. It is‌ made of ​environmentally friendly materials, ensuring safety⁤ and ease of use.

With a torque of 10NM, this drill is perfect for household assembly, gypsum opening hole, metal⁣ drilling hole, ceramic tile drilling hole, electrical⁣ equipment maintenance, wood drilling hole, pepper ⁤grinding, opening bottle bottles, opening coconuts, and making dough.

The‍ product ‍package includes ‍1x Brushless lithium electric drill, 1x Bits box, 1x Instruction manual, 1x Extension rod, 8x Bits, and 1x Charging line.