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There are more and more electronic devices around us. Almost everyone is using mobile phones, tablets and computers. But after all, it is a digital product. After a long time of use.It always have some small problems.The broken screen, water and other situations can not be avoided.

Although many small partners have a little research on digital products, online tutorials are also very complete. But there is no disassembly tool. If this is beyond the warranty period, you have to spend a high price for maintenance! In order to facilitate some users who love to toss about. A repair kit launched on the network, so that digital lovers can become DIY masters!

Fine screwdrivers and 16 kinds of bits

Precision maintenance tools are generally difficult to find from your side, which is also a barrier for many small partners to dismantle the machine. There are 16 knives in the kit, with different shapes and sizes. It’s easy to disassemble mobile phones of different brands in front of you!

Suction cup, blade, crowbar

Most mobile phones design with non detachable batteries. So a suction cup need open the back cover or kit. With a blade and a small crowbar, you can easily open the machine. In addition, the forceps and scraping blades that often use in repair should also be equipped with complete sets.

There are also friends who like to transform their mobile phones. This tool can also help you. With them, your mobile phone has no secret in front of you.

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