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Ritual, starting with breakfast

Eat well, have a full lunch, and eat less dinner. For most people, breakfast is almost sloppy at a roadside stand on the way to work or a convenience store near the company. On weekends, I just want to sleep in, not to mention breakfast. I want to get up and eat dinner directly.

In fact, breakfast is a ritual thing. Since ancient times, breakfast has always been a carrier of culture. As the first meal of three meals a day, a well prepared breakfast will open a new day, and the mood will become beautiful.

Audrey Hepburn’s《 breakfast at Tiffany’s》:

in the film, Holly’s role can be said to be a miniature of many people in reality. She has all kinds of dreams and wants to be a “broad too”. So she shuttles among all kinds of people brightly every day. When she is alone, she becomes confused and even panicked. These portraits of her are also the true portrayal of her dream and reality.

No matter how life treats her, she will still wear a small black dress and fake jewelry. In front of Tiffany’s window, she will eat delicious bread and hot coffee gracefully and enjoy the exquisite jewelry in the window. Her breakfast ceremony makes boring life meaningful.

We are in a fast-paced state every day. Breakfast needs a little ceremony to welcome the beginning of the new day.

On Saturdays, it has become a habit for me to buy some “today’s pizzas” from the cheese pizza cooperative on chatuck street.
With a paper bag of pizza in one hand, he rode a mountain bike back to his apartment on Addison street.
Look at the clock. It’s past 12:30. Our breakfast is just starting now.

In his book “where to travel”Matsuura mitaro wrote that this man.

Japan’s most understanding of life, would prepare breakfast carefully even if he lived a vagrant life in the United States.

Every exquisite breakfast can evoke a ceremonial day.

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