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Shuttling Between Flowers And Plants

Both on screen and in life,we always see beautiful gardens and neat plants.They are beautiful landscapes.

Beautiful garden

But beauty comes at a price. The price is the gardener’s hard work. When gardeners are planting flowers and plants, they are often cut by thorns or sharp leaves. Or their bodies and clothes may come into contact with the dirt. This leads to the inconvenience of planting and managing crops.

Garden Stool with Wheels and Backrest

Who doesn’t want to plant them happily, safely and cleanly? Here is an object that does just that–Garden Stool with Wheels and Backrest.

Garden Stool with Wheels and Backrest

Small but Powerful

This gardening stool is small enough to fit between narrow plant rows and low enough that you will not hurt your back while planting.It has big tractor-like wheels that work even on uneven and rocky surfaces.It has a comfortable backrest and it even has an easy-grip handle for easy carrying!

The Function is All Ready

Not only will it greatly reduce your planting fatigue, but it will also allow you to move easily among the disordered vegetation. You can work with your plants while sitting on it and moving around. And its height is good for handling plants. On top of that, its big wheels will make you feel like you’re on the ground, no matter what weather conditions cause you to be.

Shine through

Higher Efficiency

If you farm or garden in the usual way, your efficiency may decrease as your strength decreases. But if you use it, you will be able to farm and repair vegetation very easily, very efficiently! Why not?

Product parameters

Material: Iron+Plastic+PU+Sponge
Wheel Width: 14.5cm/Wheel Diameter: 16cm
Package Content: 1 x Gardening Stool with Wheels

Contracted fashion

If you are gardening or you’re a farmer, what are you waiting for? This kind of convenient equipment will make your life more convenient and better. Now the order will have a discount oh! Come and buy it!

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