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FY6600 Digital 12-60MHz Dual Channel DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator Frequency Meter

Description:1. The device uses professional 14 bit high speed D/A chip, 250MSa/s sampling rate. Active crystal oscillator as the benchmark

JDS2800 15MHZ 40MHZ 60MHZ Signal Generator Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Signal Generato

Features:JDS2800 series Dual-channel Function Signal generator combines multiple functions in one, such as Function Signal Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse

UNI-T UTG932 UTG962 Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator Signal Source Dual Channel 200MS/s 14bits Frequency Meter 30Mhz 60Mhz

Main Features Output Waveforms:Sine,square, pulse, ramp, noise, DC ,arbitrary Output frequency range:1uHz-30MHz/60MHz High accuracy, broad band 6 bit frequency ,counter,range:100mHz-100MHz