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Whenever you need to affix any object, part, or equipment, the first-hand tool you would keep by your side is a screwdriver. Screwdrivers of different types are easily found in any hardware shop and the online market. But are you having enough knowledge of choosing a perfect one for your tasks? If not, let’s have a discussion on everything you should get to know about screwdrivers.


Screwdrivers are widely used in many industries as an affixing hand tool for fastener installation and removal. There are at least dozens of distinctive screwdriver types but generally, few around 4-5 types are conventional. From general household applications to industrial usage, the screwdriver applications can be compiled and categorized as follows.

  • Electrical and Electronic industry applications – Computers, mobile phones and electrical parts and accessory installation removal, avionics related component fastener installation removal, etc.
  • Mechanical product installation and removal – all the mechanical components affixed with different types of fasteners.
  • Woodworking and Carpentry applications

In the market, you can find different types of screwdrivers that are manufactured for different applications. For mechanical usages like automobile and aviation industries, there are toolboxes to be purchased. The toolbox includes special types of screwdrivers along with other special tools for specific tasks. Screwdriver handle designs are prevalent nowadays with the ability to attach different screwdriver type bits that make them easier to use. Not only that there are power screwdrivers in the market that can operate using electric power.

JAKEMY JM-6114 70 in 1 Ratchet Screwdriverr Hand Tools Phone Electrical Maintenance

Product review – Portable hardware tools pack which includes 1 x JAKEMY JM-6114 70 in 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Hand Tools. This is a Compact design with lightweight and high hardness. Interchangeable precise manual toolset. Consist of a no-slip handle and is made up of PP & TRP &CR-V steel.


20pcs/Set Countersink Drill Bit HSS Screwdriver Tools Drill Driver Kit Flip Drive Portable LZ

Product review – Package includes 1 x Drill Driver, 8 x Bits (2 each:PH0,PH1,PH2,PH3), 8 x Flathead Bits (2 each:1/8″ 3.2mm, 5/32″ 4mm,3/16″ 4.8mm,1/4″ 6.3mm), 2 x Countersink Bits(3/32″ 2.4mm, 1/8″ 3.2mm), 1 x Allen Wrench and 1 x Case. Well packed for convenient use and storage. Made up of alloy steel. Hard and durable. This easily switches between bits in seconds.



As there are dozens of screwdrivers in the market, it is better to know what the common types are. Basically, the type of screwdrivers varies with the fastener head type which is going to tighten or loosen. Identify the following conventional screwdrivers that are used in almost every task related to driving screws.

Phillips Screwdriver/Cross screwdriver

Do you know why this screwdriver got this name? Because it’s designed to screws with Philips heads/cross-shaped recess. Its unique X design grips the screw firmly in the center which copes with higher torsion. This is self-centering. This has five different sizes ranging from zero to four. Be wise to select the correct size, if not it will strip and make it difficult to remove.

Torx or Star Screwdriver

Its design with a crew head with a six-point star-shaped intrusion provides more torque and a secure grip on the fastener head. This can be commonly used in mechanical productions where more torque can be applied.

Torque Screwdrivers

Don’t get confused with Torx. This has a torque-limiting clutch that allows a limit on how much force is applied beyond a certain threshold value. So that inversely tight enough torque can be applied without falling out.

Insulated Screwdrivers

This is ideal when you need to deal with electrical work. These are constructed from non-conductive materials. This can provide you the safety when working in a hazardous environment.

Flathead Screwdriver

The most common type of hand tool. Multi-purpose and can be typically used for a range of applications. This can be used to tighten or loosen screws that have a straight linear notch in their heads.

Tri-Wing Screwdriver

This is mostly used for smaller screws and components. This was originally designed for aerospace engineering. But now commonly used for other general purposes too. For example: Opening mobile phones, computers.

Pozidriv Screwdriver 

This is a modified version of the Phillips screwdriver. This has a blunt tip and small ribs among the blade between the main edges which is designed to avoid Cam-out. Also, it provides greater surface contact. This can be differentiated from the Phillips screwdriver from the feature of four notches marked into the head of the Pozidriv screw.

Hex Screwdriver

The unique feature of this is the hexagonal tip which can be used to loosen tighten hex nuts, bolts and screws. Hex screwdrivers are also available in extensive range of both standard and metric sizes.

Square Screwdriver

This is designed for use in furniture manufacturing operations and for other tough materials too. This fits with a square-shaped recess. This has the capability of reducing the cam out issue in slotted screws. Fasten action can be gained. Known as Robertson tip. Five different types of square screwdrivers are available.

Precision Screwdrivers

These screwdrivers can be used for extremely small screw-used devices. For example, mobile phones, watches.

Electric Screwdrivers and Impact Drivers

Electric Screwdrivers are compact power tools that can be used to assemble furniture or screw softwood or other similar materials.  Impact drivers can exert a sudden force that can be used to drive into or remove harder, denser materials.

Apart from general types mentioned above, following types of screwdrivers are also available in some industrial applications.

Triangle Screwdriver

This type is often used with electronics, toys, and appliances. Head is beneficial as it makes it more secure and tamper-proof.  It’s very difficult to remove without a TA screwdriver. Hence can be used for security purposes.

Magnetic Screwdrivers

Screws attracted by the magnetic force. used in the electronic field. The unique feature is, this reduces the risk of accidentally dropping off screws.

Ratchet Screwdrivers

This applies turning force in only one direction. The opposite side is moving freely. Easy to drive because no need to move the bit in and out of the screw head at the end of each turn. Therefore, fast action can be gained.


Why do we choose a perfect screwdriver for affixing/removing fasteners? Let’s clarify it first. If you do not buy or use a perfect driver, it may lead to damage to the screw type which ultimately affects the workmanship.  Not only that sometimes you need a special type of driver to affix or remove the screw from a product. It is a must to decide the perfect screwdriver bit for your screw head. By choosing the right match bit size, you will prevent damaged bits, stripped screws, and spoiled work surfaces. At first, you will need to search online for go to store and ask for the necessary info related to screw gauge corresponding to drive point sizes.

The screw may be in a position in which you need to lengthy screwdriver to affix or remove. For example, long drivers are often used in engine compartments on automobiles. Short drivers come in handy when you need to affix or remove a tight screw. When you need a driver to use it in an open, easily reach screwdriver you need a driver with a moderate length, only use very short or very long drivers if the job cannot be performed otherwise.


PENGGONG 615 4PCS Telescopic Screwdrivers Set Dual Purposed Nut Driver Repair Tools

Product review – This is a five pieces screwdriver set made up of high-quality Chrome-vanadium steel. This has the features of high hardness, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long lifetime, compact and elegant. Head with a multi-function screw head and this can be used in the automotive industry, household maintenance, manufacturing industry.


WORKPRO 139pcs Home Tools Household Tool Set Screwdrivers Set Pliers Sockets Spanner Wrench

Product review –There may be instances where you need a power tool for affixing/removing screws. There, you will need an electrically powered driver to fix it. In such a situation the above-discussed factors need to follow to choose the correct driver bit unless you will end up damaging the entire assembly or a product.


HILDA DC 16.8V/21V Cordless Drill Electric Drill Wireless Drill Electric Screwdriver Lithium Battery Power Tool

Product review –This has a soft-grip handle that makes work easier and rubber handle accents to reduce vibration. An added advantage of this is,  it illuminates the workspace when used in a dark environment. This consists of a rechargeable-Lithium battery.

There are some Standards that you will get tips on choosing the best driver for your application. For example, ISO 2380-1:2004 will provide necessary technical specifications and test conditions for the screwdrivers and, in the case of hand-operated screwdrivers, specifies the test torque which the blade-to-handle connection shall withstand. Read and get familiar with other standards like ASME B107.600-2016 & NASM85643 if you are looking to buy a screwdriver set for professional use.

Another factor in choosing a perfect screwdriver type is the built quality of the driver. The driver needs to be hard enough to apply force on the screw to affix or remove it. Along with hardness, it will need a certain degree of toughness in it. Try to find a driver with good wear & corrosion resistance which will provide a better shelf life. General materials that are good for manufacturing screwdrivers are Chromium-molybdenum steel (Cr-Mo), chrome vanadium steel (Cr-V), Carbon Steel (CS), S2 tool steel, The above material will perfectly match a multi-function screwdriver that will need the above-mentioned quality. The screwdriver grip is also a good factor to be concerned about.   An insulated fine grip will provide you with a better handling experience and will prevent getting in touch with electricity when affixing /removing screws in areas of avionics and electrical applications.


Multi-purpose Insulation Screwdrivers Repairing Tools Kit Ergonomic Handle

Product review – Its ergonomic handle design facilitates easy work and provided an added advantage of prevention from occupational illnesses because pliers in it require less force and reduce pressure on wrists. Pliers in it play a major role in ensuring occupational safety. Tool tray also has been designed to make work easier as it always has the right tool at hand when necessary.  This is featured with a large, stable, strong, and secure lid brake. Very compliant to use as well as with extra safety for the user.


115-In-1 Screwdriver Bits Set Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Torx Multi Mobile Phone Repair Tools Kit Electronic Device Hand Tool


Product review – This consists of 1 Pc handle, 1 Pc flexible Extension Shaft, 1 Pc extension Bar, 1 Pc Tweezers ,3 Pcs Plastic Pry Tools, 1 Pc SIM Card Remover, 1 Pc Magnetizer / Demagnetizer1 Pc Suction Cup, 6 Pcs Opening Picks, 1 Pc Bit Holder for Power Screwdriver, 98 Pcs Screwdriver Bits. This can be widely used in the disassembly and assembly of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, watches, electronic cigarettes, drones, game consoles, cameras, glasses, and desktop computers. This is with an extension cable of the screw head which helps to reach a position that cannot be targeted by ordinary tools. This feature makes it convenient to use.


After going through this article, now you should have a proper knowledge of choosing the perfect screwdriver for your work.  You know that, if you don’t use the correct screw type then it may end up with damage to your screwdriver as well as the for the object/screw.  Not only that sometimes it can cause harm to you also. In order to avoid this type of unnecessary scenarios it is always best to use the perfect screwdriver for the relevant work. As mentioned in the above product reviews, now it is easier for you to choose it. Because there all the unique features of each screwdriver have been distinguished. You don’t need to roam around. Just select what you need by a single click.