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Technology changes life

Many people complain that life is boring, hard work, and there is no sense of happiness in life. But in fact, it is not. You feel that the happiness of life is not enough. Maybe you just lack something.

Some people say that shopping can improve happiness. For example, if you buy a good stereo, you can enjoy music better, so you can get a sense of happiness. Some people also spend a lot of money to see a concert or buy a camera to record life. All these can achieve happiness.

Of course, these costs are too high. Are there any products that don’t cost much, but can make life more comfortable and comfortable?

Smart light bulb: all for intelligence

Smart light bulb may be a relatively unpopular product, but as a representative of smart home appliances, the happiness brought by smart bulb is beyond imagination.

Of course, smart home needs a system center, and this center is the mobile phone. Connect smart light bulb with mobile phone and set various parameters, such as:

1.Adjustable shading:

The basic function of smart bulb is to adjust the light and shade level through app, so as to avoid the trouble of using dimmer to realize similar functions.

2.Remote control anytime, anywhere:

Many smart light bulbs have the function of remote control. When you are not at home, you can use the switch light to simulate someone at home, so as to frighten thieves and other criminals. Similarly, you can also use this function to turn off the lights at home in time to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Finally, multiple lights can be integrated into one app for control, and one key switch can also save time.

3.Help sleep:

The light of different color temperature emitted by intelligent light bulb can regulate the production of melatonin in human body. During the day, it can use specific light to inhibit the production of melatonin, which can make users work more efficiently during the day; at night, it can promote the production of the hormone to help better sleep.

We often say that people should have a pair of eyes to find beauty. In fact, life is full of happiness. To the fine, maybe a small cup, a pot of flowers, can let you feel the beauty of life.
With the advent of the intelligent era, unconsciously, those smart home products have deeply changed our daily life, making our life more convenient, more organized and more imaginative.

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