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Warm up your winter — Heated Rug Thermal Mat Feet Warmer

Heated Rug Thermal Mat Feet Warmer

Walking bare feet on the cold floor is uncomfortable. But sometimes it is most preferable to walk bare feet at home since we wear shoes all the time when we are out. On cold seasons, we just want to be warm and comfortable at home but it is inevitable for your surroundings to stay warm. When it starts getting cold, our feet are one of the first parts that start feeling it. Cold feet is not really the best feeling because it can be so uncomfortable and distracting. Especially if your floor is smooth tiles. So, keep your feet warm with this heated rug and stay cozy. Heated Rug Thermal Mat Feet Warmer is perfect for work if ever your workplace is too cold for you. You can place it under your desk so your feet stay warm while you work. This is perfect for your living room as well. 

Say goodbye to traditional heating

Heated Rug Thermal Mat Feet Warmer makes us feel warm even at work in the cold winter. Make your winter no longer fearful. Electric heating will dry your skin and make your throat uncomfortable. Air conditioning can also cause the same feeling. Foot warmers make it troublesome to take off your shoes and change shoes, and the smell will be heavy for a long time. The Heated Rug Thermal Mat Feet Warmer allows you to avoid embarrassment without taking off your shoes, heat evenly and protect your skin.

Waterproof and Instant Heating

This heating mat is waterproof. Consequently, it is safe for you to use it as it won’t break even if it is wet. So, if ever you spill your drink on this, it will still perfectly function without a problem. You can be confident in using this around liquids as if you are drinking your favorite beverages. Aside from its waterproof feature, this also has an instant heating feature. It heats up fast so you can keep your feet warm as soon as possible. You no longer have to wait for it to heat up which makes it very ideal for urgent situations.

Relaxing Heated Rug

Relieve some stress and relax some more with this rug. It helps in relieving the muscle strains and promotes good blood flow. Thus, it helps you put in a good mood for a more enjoyable experience and a more productive day.

Quality product details

Heated Rug Thermal Mat Feet Warmer has- High-quality floor leather, Using high-quality LG leather, thick wear-resistant layer, no odor, waterproof and no leakage. Professional and exquisite wrapping. The stitches are straight, fine and wear-resistant, and will not fall off for ten years. Anti-slip design. The bottom is made of silicone wear-resistant and non-slip particles, which is waterproof and non-slip, does not damage the floor.

Safety and environmental protection

The surface floor leather is made of flame-retardant and fireproof LG imported floor leather, the wear-resistant layer is thickened, and the heating element is made of carbon crystal material and environmentally friendly. The switch adopts flame-retardant and fire-proof grade materials with high safety factor, taking into account safety and practicability, safe and durable. All components have reached safety standards, using carbon crystal heating, strong stability, self-controlled constant temperature heating, environmental protection and energy saving.

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