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In plain, stereotyped life, we always need some novel ways to decorate our lives. So people wrote beautiful letters, made exquisite hand books, and painted beautiful graffiti.

Beautiful letter

Wax Stamp DIY Envelope Sealer

As a Chinese proverb goes, the character is the man. In fact, not only that, any exterior can indirectly reflect a person. So, when you want to send some emotional letters to your good friends or partners, a delicate Wax Stamp DIY Envelope Sealer is essential.

Use Way

After the beautiful letter is written, it needs to be sealed to protect your privacy and sent to the recipient intact. Do you choose glue or stickers? That’s a big mistake. It will damage your mail because it’s not easy to open, and it’s not beautiful.

Damaged Envelope

A more stylish way of sealing letters and it is by using the Wax Stamp DIY Envelope Sealer. This will make any envelope will look like it came from the old times. A few drops of sealing wax, a press from this stamp and you will reveal a lovely print on top of the stamp. Popularly send your letters.

Wax Stamp Envelope

Method of Use

It is easy to use. You will surely have fun using these stamps as they are very easy to do. If you already have a Wax Seal, all you need to do is put it on the wax spoon and put the spoon above a candle. Once it is all melted, pour the melted wax on top of the envelope. Then you can now press the stamp on top of the melted wax. Do not remove right away, wait for a few minutes for the wax to dry before pulling the seal up.

Use step diagrams

The Type is Various

There are stamps in different flower designs, hearts, and many more. But mostly have patterns which you can use for weddings and sending love letters. There are ones which the stamps say “I love you” and seals with a couple and even in wedding rings pattern.

Product Parameters

It has long-lasting quality. These stamps are made with a hard metal material making it last for a lifetime. It has a high-quality wood handle which makes it comfortable to use. You need a little pressure for pressing the stamp to do it correctly that is why it is made with durable materials. The seal has different patterns curved on the surface. Once the seal touches the sealing wax, the printed design will be transferred on the wax.


Refinement is the beginning of a lifelong romance. This wax stamp DIY envelope sealer is sort of your own label, a status symbol. So what are you waiting for? Come and find your own brand!

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