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Adult Bibs Waterproof Clothing Protector

Protection against spills and splashes during mealtimes or other activities
Generally oversized to fit most people and ideal to use for individuals or elderly people who need feeding assistance
Material: PVC cloth / Size: 75 x 45cm
Package Included: 1 x Adult Bibs Waterproof Clothing Protector

Adult Hand Spinner Anti-Anxiety Autism Stress Relief Gadget Key Chain Push Pop Bubble EDC Fidget

Mini Simple Dimple Sensory Mini Sensory Fidget Relaxation Stress Relief Anti-Anxiety Autism Hand EDC Gadget for Kids Teen Adult Push

Adult Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces

Different landscape designs
Fun and educational puzzle game
For hobby enthusiasts
Age Range: 8 and up
Size: 27.55 x 19.68 inches
Package List:

1 x Adult Jigsaw Puzzle

Adult Life Jacket Unisex Vest

A durable life vest with an adjustable strap design
It has multiple pouches for storage of small items
Has reflective patches and detachable collar

For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart
Material: Polyester, EPE  / Buoyancy: 9.5kg
Maximum Bearing: 110kg / Weight: 720 - 800g  (21.31oz)
Package Includes:

1 x Adult Life Jacket Unisex Vest

Adult Lunch Box Microwavable Container

It has two containers, one small and one large; Shock- and leak-proof
It has a non-slip design, making it very safe to use; Convenient for carryout
You can use it for microwave, just take the lid off before heating it
Material: Plastic (with bamboo fibers)
Dimensions: Large container (23.5 x 15 x 7cm) / Small container (12.5 x 10.5 x 5.5cm)
Package Content/s per Variant:

1 x Adult Lunch Box Microwavable Container (lunchbox only); or
1 set Adult Lunch Box Microwavable Container (with lunch bag); or
1 x Lunch bag only

Adult Pool Floats Inflatable Bed

Pool or beach use
Comfortable to use
For adults and even for kids
Foldable design
Compact size
Material: Eco-friendly PVC
Load Capacity: 200 kg
Size: about 130 x 73 cm
Package List:

1 x Adult Pool Float

Adult Sippy Cup Portable Drinkware

This Adult Sippy Cup is convenient and comfortable to sip from; High-quality
It is a great gift idea and durable; Non-toxic, food-safe and easy to clean
The straw is flexible; There is a cover for the straw to keep it clean and sanitary
Material: Plastic
Variants: (Size/Capacity)

6.5 x 19cm/ 500ml
6.5 x 23cm/ 700ml

Package Contents:

1 x Adult Sippy Cup

Adult Swimming Goggles Anti-Fog Glasses

Handy swimming goggles with an anti-fog feature. Suitable for swimming in the pool and ocean
These glasses will allow you to have a clear vision underwater so you can see the beauty of the living creatures under the sea
It can protect your eyes against the harmful microorganisms in the water. It also has an earplug attached to the body of the goggles
Lense Material: Polycarbonate
Frame Material: Acetate
Package Includes:

1 x Adult Swimming Goggles Anti-Fog Glasses

Adult Water Shoes Swimming Footwear

Bright-colored aqua shoes that are suitable for men and women. This is flexible footwear with a durable rubber outsole and it allows you to move confidently in different angles with a comfortable feeling
This footwear is breathable. You can simply slip on your feet without any hassle. It can provide safety and protection to your feet so you can walk without worrying about stepping on sharp and slippery areas
It offers you a quick-drying feature and makes your feet feel warm underwater. It is fashionable footwear that you can match with your favorite rash guard or swimsuit

For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart
Upper Material: Stretchable Fabric
Outsole Material: Rubber
Package Includes:

1 Pair x Adult Water Shoes Swimming Footwear

Hoodie Blanket Adult Warm Fleece

This warm fleece can give you warmth and protection against the cold weather
It is easy to use and ideal for traveling
It's a thick blanket that is very comfortable to use
Material: Polar Fleece Fabric
Package Includes:

1 x Hoodie Blanket Adult Warm Fleece

Mosquito Net for Bed Adult Net Tent

Easy to install, available in different sizes
With convenient double zipper closure feature
Breathable, comfortable, and portable design
Materials: Mesh fabric, metal

1.00m Bed: 190 x 100 x 100 cm
1.20m Bed: 190 x 120 x  130 cm
1.50m Bed: 200 x  150 x  140 cm
1.80m Bed: 200 x* 180 x 150 cm

Package List:

1 x Adult Mosquito Bed Net

USB Charging Electronic Scale Household Adult Temperature Accurate Electronic Weighing Health Scales Human Body Scales

Products Name:Product id:–> Features1. 6mm Tempered Glass Panel, Automatic Switch Machine, With Room Temperature Monitoring Function, Led Display Large Screen,