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50pcs Cloth Table Napkin Satin Fabric

A piece of washable cloth that can help you wipe your mouth and hands
Can be placed on the table as design or on your lap as you follow a napkin etiquette
It can be folded into different shapes and styles without any hassle
Material: Satin
Size: 30cm
Package Content/s Per Variant:

50pcs x Cloth Table Napkin Satin Fabric
50pcs x Napkin Ring Silver
50pcs x Napkin Ring Gold

Activity Book Kids Soft Cloth

Made with a soft cloth so kids can carry it easily
Makes learning fun and enjoyable for your children
Loaded with a lot of basic life skills activities for your child to learn
Dimensions: 16cm x 19cm (L x W)
Package content: 1 x Activity Book Kids Soft Cloth

Apron Dress Ladies Cloth Apron

This apron dress is certainly useful in protecting your clothes from getting dirt and stains
It is easy to wear and remove to give you convenience
Perfect to use in cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening, and many more
Material: washed cotton linen (80% pure cotton, 20% linen)
Size: free-sized
Package content:

1 x Apron Dress Ladies Cloth Apron

Baby Hooded Towel Bath Cloth

Allows a baby to feel warm and comfortable. Ideal for babies from zero to twelve months old
Ideal gift for babies. It is lightweight and soft
It has a cute character design with a variety of color to choose from
Material: Microfiber Coral Fleece / Size: 76 x 92cm
Package Includes:

1 x Baby Hooded Towel Bath Cloth

Baby Toys Cloth Books

Applicable for babies and toddlers.
A fun way to learn.
Portable and easy to store.
Made of high-quality fabric.
Dimension: 12 x 11.5cm.

Beach Cart Foldable Cloth Wagon

The Beach Cart is foldable and portable; It is easy to set up and has adjustable handles
The cart offers convenience when carrying things; Has two cup holders for holding beverages
It has PU wheels which are ideal for all terrains; Removable cloth for easy cleaning or washing
Material: Steel, UV Oxford Cloth/ Net Weight: 10KG
Inner Size: 85 x 45 x 26 cm/ Maximum Load: 68KG
Full Size: 85 x 50 x 51 cm/ Folded Size: 77 x 51  x 20 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Beach Cart Foldable Cloth Wagon

Blanket with Sleeves Fleece Cloth

This Blanket with Sleeves is a wearable blanket perfect to give as a gift
It provides warmth and comfort; The blanket is soft on the skin and huggable
Washable cloth material; Allows movement even while wearing the blanket
Material: Fleece/ Size: 180 cm x 130 cm
Sleeve Length: 56 cm/ Sleeve Width: 27 cm
Package Contents:

Blanket with Sleeves

Brooch Floral Pin Cloth Accessory

A fashionable and safe brooch pin for your clothes
Very easy to pin and unpin on your clothes
You may also use it to keep your baby's clothes in place
Material: Rhinestone, resin, metal
Package Includes: 

1 x Brooch Floral Pin Cloth Accessory

Butterfly Wings Costume Polyester Cloth

The Butterfly Wings Costume is perfect for Halloween, costume parties, and more
Ideal for adults of almost all sizes; It has elastic straps for convenience
Lightweight and comfortable to wear; Foldable and easy to carry or store
Material: Polyester
Size: 168 x 135 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Butterfly Wings Costume

Car Scratch Repair Cloth

The most effective way to repair scratches on your car's paint surface.
It utilizes a three-stage system of sanding, compounding and polishing the clear coat of your car.
Works on a variety of stains and scratches like nail marks, shallow scratches and sand marks.
Made from a nano-polyester fiber.
It measures 20cm x 10cm x 1cm/7.8" x 4" x 0.4" and weighs 100 grams.

Cheese Cloth Cooking Fabric Tool

The Cheese Cloth Cooking Fabric is suitable for cheese-making, brewing, preserving, and more
It is of breathable mesh material; It allows good air circulation and it is easy to clean
It is lightweight and foldable for easy storage; It is soft, reusable and comfortable to use
Material: Cotton Blend
Size: 150 x 150 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Cheese Cloth

Chinese Fan Blank Silk Cloth

The Chinese Fan has two blank sides; It serves as a canvas for painting or calligraphy
It is of cloth material that allows the paint to stick better; It is foldable and easy to carry
It has a sturdy wooden frame; It is lightweight and perfect to use as decoration
Material: Silk Cloth
Size Variants: 9 inches, 9.5 inches
Package Contents:

1 x Chinese Fan