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Etopoo 0-55 / 80MM 0.05MM Stainless Steel Fine Adjustment Vernier Brake Pad Caliper

Specification:Brand:ETOPOO Model:0-50MM vernier caliper Type:depth vernier caliper Measuring range:55/88 (mm) Measurement accuracy:0.05 Reading value:0.05 (mm) Material:Stainless steel Size:55/80MM Index value:0.05

ETOPOO 4*90° Updated Precision Digital Protractor Inclinometer Level Box Digital Angle Finder Bevel Box With Magnet Base

Features:1. Aluminum enclosure2. Measuring range 0-90°*43. Three function key4. With data hold function5. Zero-setting at any position6. Quick display of

ETOPOO 6pcs/set Telescopic Gauge 8-150mm Adjustable Inner Diameter Gauge 4pcs/set 3-13mm Ball Joint Telescopic Gauge Carbon Steel Micrometer Measuring Tool

Description:6pcs/setFeatures:Double action handles are rigidly attached to the contact plungers and are automatically self-centering.Assist in quick checking of holes, slots

ETOPOO Woodworking T-type Line Scriber Hole Scale Ruler Aluminum Alloy Marking Gauge Crossed Line Scriber Carpenter Measuring Tools

Description:The hole positioning crossed gauge suitable for woodworking scribing line Aluminum Alloy Material. The ruler is wear-resistant rust and clear