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10pcs Detailed Brush Wheel Hub Cleaning Brush Car Wash Glove Gap Brush Set for Cleaning Cars and Car Washes

Specification:Produce NameCleaning brush setMaterialPlastic, steel wire, microfiberWhole set weight470gQuantity10PCProductSpecificationQuantityDetail brush10# /12# /14# / 16# /18#5pcsWire brush6.7 x 0.47 x 1.13

15 Pieces of Blue Glove Set Stainless Steel Spatula Waxing Detail Brush Cleaning Brush Car Washing Gloves for Car Cleaning

Description:15 Pieces of Blue Glove Set Stainless Steel Spatula Waxing Detail Brush Cleaning Brush Car Washing Gloves for Car CleaningSpecification:Produce

15cm Finger Heat Shield for TIG Welding Glove

Description:15cm Finger Heat Shield for TIG Welding Glove Specifications:Material:Glass fiber SIze:15cm/6 inch Function:Welding gloves worn on something high temperature, Suitable

Artist Glove Convenient Drawing and Painting

The artist glove reduces the friction between your hands and the tablet's screen
The glove prevents you from accidentally smudging on your art while you work on it
Only the ring finger and pinky and gloved, your thumb, index, and middle finger are free to paint or draw
Material: Cloth
Size Variants:

S-Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 14-14.5cm

M - Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 14.5-16.5cm

L- Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 16.5-18.5cm

Package Content:

1 x Artist Glove

Baseball Glove Sports Equipment

The Baseball Glove Sports Equipment is suitable for a left--hand orientation use
It has a soft inner lining for comfort while wearing; Has adjustable binding straps
Durable; The glove has cushioned palm pads to reduce the impact
 Material: PVC Artificial Leather
Size Variants: 10.5, 11.5, 12.5
Package Contents:

1 x Baseball Glove

Billiard Glove Three-Finger Glove

This Billiard Glove covers three-fingers and the wrist to prevent friction
It is made of durable cloth that is washable and reusable so it is really practical
The glove is stretchable and lightweight and that makes it comfortable to wear
Size: 190 x 105 x 10 mm
Weight: 8g / Material: Leica fabric
Package Contents:

1 x Billiard Glove

Cat Grooming Glove Massage Brush

Mimics the loving touch of your hand to give your pet cat a relaxing massage
Minimizes shedding, perfect for both pet cat and dog
The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy for you to peel and throw hair away
Material: Silicone
Size: 23.2 x 17.2cm
Package List:

1 x Cat Grooming Glove Massage Brush

Curl Sponge 1PC Hair Curling Glove

This Curl Brush can effectively style curly hair and arrange it neatly
It is a wearable glove tool which is convenient and easy to use
You can use hair products while using the curl sponge such as creams and gels
Size: 23 x 16 x 3cm
Material: Ordinary Sponge
Package Contents:

1 x Curl Brush

Dishwashing Glove Silicone 1Pc

A cross-over between a glove and a silicone brush
You can use it on any surface like a kitchen counter, bathroom sink, plates, chopping board, etc
Can also be used in cars and for pets
Material: Food-grade Silicone/ Size: 30.5 x 16cm
Package Content:

1 x Silicone Dishwashing Glove

Dog Brush Glove Pet Accessory

The Dog Brush Glove Pet Accessory is also suitable for cats and other furry pets
It has soft bristles that are gentle on the pet's skin; Easy to use and convenient
This brush glove can be used for both wet and dry brushing; Comfortable to wear
Material: TPE. Mesh/ Size: about 24 x 17 cm
Variants: Left-Hand Orientation; Right-Hand Orientation
Package Contents:

1 x Dog Brush Glove

Drawing Glove Two-Finger Artist Tool

The Drawing Glove Two-Finger Artist Tool is suitable for digital sketching; It is multipurpose
It is comfortable to wear and covers two fingers; It provides support and lessens strain
It is breathable and washable; It is stretchable and easy to put on
Material: Lycra
Size Variants:

S: 18.5 cm
M: 20.5 cm
L: 21.5 cm

Package Contents:

1 x Drawing Glove

Exfoliating Mitt Bathing Body Glove

Remove dirt and dead skin cells on your skin by exfoliating with this exfoliating mitt
This exfoliating mitt is gentle on your skin and does not irritate it
You can comfortably wear this mitt without having to adjust it all the time
Material: Natural fiber with Cotton
Package Content:

1 x Exfoliating Mitt Bathing Body Glove