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‘-100kpa-100kpa/0-1.6Mpa/0-5Mpa Negative Digital Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel Precision Water Pressure Gauge Hydraulic Shockproof Vacuum Pressure Gauge

Features:Intelligent and low power consumption. Two AAA batteries can be used normally for about half a year. Temperature self-compensation. -40~+80°C,

Air Purifier Home Negative Ion Indoor Smoke Removal In Addition To Formaldehyde

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:1. 100% Ozone Free:Unlike Some Other Brands, Levoit Air Purifiers Are Always 100% Ozone-free, Never Using The

Air Purifier Negative Ions Air Cleaner Remove Formaldehyde PM2.5 W/ HEPA Filter

Features:-Composite HEPA filter delivers all-around protection & Fresh air -Automatically monitors, reacts & purifies the air -Timing function -Provide Anion

Car Solar Powered Negative Ion Air Purifier 5V Cleaner Purifier humidification

SpecificationsColor:blackVoltage:5VPower:0.6WSize:130x30mmPower Source:Car Charger, USBAnion Concentration:3 million pcs/c㎥Aromatherapy Machine Capacity:100mlNoice:less than 30dBHumidification:25ml/hFeatures-3 million negative ions are released to improve air quality.-Purification

DC12V Output Air Ionizer Airborne Negative DIY Ion Anion Generator

Products Name:Product id:–> DescriptionDC12V Output DIY Air Ionizer Airborne Negative Ion Anion Generator Power requirementsDC 12V Output voltage7Kv±1Kv DC Power

Digital Manometer Pressure Gauge Positive and Negative Pressure Measuring for Automobile Engine Compartment Pressure Detection Auto Repair Barometer

Description:This instrument can measure the air pressure of the single pipe, or differential pressure of two is suitable for

Electric Formaldehyde Deaerator Air Purifier Household Negative Oxygen Ions Kitchen Toilet

Specifications:Type:Air PurifierColor:WhiteApplication area:11㎡ (inclusive) -20㎡ (inclusive)Control method:touchRated frequency:5 (HZ)Air volume of air purifier:51-150 m3 / hWorking principle:negative ionFunction:In addition to

Multi-function Anti-bacteria UV LED Sterilization Bedroom Negative Ion Sterilization Household Air Purifier

Features:1.LED ultraviolet light can kill a variety of bacteria, including bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, fungi, rickettsia and mycoplasma, etc., has

Negative Photo Slide Film Scanner

Produces a high-quality digital image.
Easy to access the machine.
Portable in nature.
Converts the photos to jpeg.
Internal memory available is 128 Mb (Can be extended by a memory card)
Brings back your old photos to life.

Portable Scanner for Negative Films

This Portable Scanner scans negative films and saves them in a JPEG file format
It can be connected to a computer through a USB cable; It can hold an SD card of up to 32GB
It produces high-quality image resolutions of 5.0 to 10.0 Mega Pixels
Display: Color 2.4" TFT LCD/ Exposure Control: Automatic or Manual (-2.0EV- +2.0EV)
Scan Quality: 1800 Dpi & 3600 Dpi(interpolation)/ GW:  300
Product Size:  88 x 86 x 102mm
Package Contents:

1 x Portable Negative Film Scanner

1 x USB Cable

1 x Video Cable

2 x Film Tray

1 x Brush

1 x User Manual