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5CM Triple Triangular Prism Physics Teaching Light Spectrum Optical Glass

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:Triangular prisms are used to disperse light, that is to break light up into its spectral components(the

Full Spectrum Light LED Panel

Equipped with full spectrum lights in 25W or 45W
Can be used for seeding, vegetation, germination, flowering and plant studies
LED bulbs: 25W (47Red + 19Blue + 3UV + 3IR + 3White) or 45W (90Red + 36Blue + 6UV + 6IR + 6White)
Illumination capacity: 1000lm / Lifespan: 30,000 hours
Material: ABS / Plug Types: EU Plug, US Plug / Input Voltage: 85-265V
Dimension: 25W (L31cm x W11.9cm x H2.95cm) 45W (L25.2cm x W25.2cm x H2.95cm)

Grow Light Bulb Plant Spectrum LED

You can grow your plants indoors without or with limited sunlight through using this grow light bulb
This has red and blue lights that together produce a violet light which helps your plants grow
This light bulb is energy-saving and has a wide illumination and brightness so it is very practical as well

LED Chips: 2835 SMD / LED Quantity: 48Leds / Input Voltage: AC 220V

Lifespan: 50000hours / Base Type: E27, E14, B22, MR16, GU10
Wattage Variants:

E27 48leds 220V

E14 48leds 220V

GU10 48leds 220V

MR16 48leds 220V

B22 48leds 220V

Package Content:

1 x Grow Light Bulb Plant Spectrum LED

Hantek DSO8060 Handheld Oscilloscope DMM Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Counter Waveform Generator

FeaturesDSO8060 5-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscope:Oscilloscope DMM Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Counter Arbtrary Waveform generator High Bandwidth 60MHz Oscilloscope, and 6000 COUNTS high

HY101 Spectrum Analyzers Antenna 10Hz-1GHz Frequency Range BNC/RFC Standard Interface

Specifications:1. Frequency range:10Hz~1000MHz (1GHZ). 2. Gain range:2.15~3.0db. 3. Power capacity:10W. 4. Input impedance:standard 50Ω 5. Standing wave ratio:≤1.5 6. Frequency

HYJS-68600 Spectrum Analyzers Antenna 680MHz-6.0GHz Frequency Range RFN/SMA Standard Interface

Specifications:Antenna frequency:680MHz~6.0GHz Peak gain:Antenna efficiency:>55% Standing wave ratio:Standard impedance:standard 50Ω RF connection:RFN/SMA standard interface Antenna net weight:89g Dimensions:245mmX58mmX10mm Use environment:temperature

HYJS-70300 Spectrum Analyzers Antenna 700KHz-3.0GHz Frequency Range RFN/SMA Standard Interface

Specifications:Frequency value:700KHz~3.0GHz Gain value:-2~2dBi Standing wave ratio:Efficiency value:>55% Standard impedance:50Ω standard impedance RF connection:RFN/SMA standard interface Use environment:-20C°~55C° Humidity 0~90%

LINK1 AK7115 VFD Music Audio Spectrum Indicator VU Meter Precision Clock Adjustable AGC Mode with Remote Control

Specific operationAudio Meter Mode:Normal mode:1. Single Click OK —– Bottom line display or no in UV meter mode UP —–

Lusya NEW MINI 0.96 Inch OLED Spectrum Display Analyzer Dual Channel Color Music Spectrum Display Module G4-003

Products Name:Product id:–> Specification:Input voltage:3.3-5.5V Input current:Frequency range:50-18KHZ Resolution 1160HZ Sampling rate:40KHZ Audio input voltage:0.1V Display resolution:128×64  0.96inch Two channel:yes

Noise Signal Generator Noise Source Simple Spectrum Tracking Source Gaussian White Noise Generator

Features:The noise signal generator utilizes a special Zener diode to generate white noise in the breakdown state at the amplified