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2021 Year Planner with Sticker Dots

This annual planner is a practical planner where you can mark your personal events, jot down reminders, and mark dates using the sticker dots It is a great planner for corporate use too; place this planner in a common area in your offices like your pantry or board room With this planner, you can block your schedule in advance and make sure you don't forget important events and tasks and they occur Material: Paper/Size: 73x51.5cm/Net Weight: 74g Package Content: 1 x 365 days Annual Calendar Planner 2 Pads x Sticker Dots

Anti Fog Films Rainproof Sticker (8pcs)

Anti-fog films keep the rearview mirrors fog and rainwater-free
Never compromise the safety of your family and secure your car with these anti-fog films
It helps the driver see clearly when it rains
Material: PET
Light Transmittance: 99%/Insulation rate: 50%
Package Content:

4x (200x175mm) Square Film
4x (100x145mm) Round Film

Blue Earth Glow in the Dark Sticker

Luminous Earth 3D sticker
Gives a blue glow
Made of fluorescent paint
Safe materials are used and environmentally safe
Easy to install
For bedroom, office, nursery, etc
Sizes in diameter:

30 cm
10 cm

Brick Wall Sticker 3D Foam Wallpaper

Give your bare walls a makeover and add this brick walls sticker to it
This wallpaper has a realistic and 3D brick design that makes the illusion of a real brick wall
This is easy to install and has a strong adhesive, this is also waterproof so it's easy to clean
Material: PE foam
Size Variants:

60 x 30 x 0.85cm
60 x 7.5 x 0.85cm
60 x 15 x 0.85cm
60 x 60 x 0.85cm

Package Content:

1 x Brick Wall Sticker 3D Foam Wallpaper

Carbon Fiber Sticker Car Styling

A decorative material that you can use in styling up your car
It is easy to cut and paste on your vehicle's surface
Multifunctional and comfortable to use. It can protect your car from possible scratches
Material: Rubber, Carbon Fiber
Sizes Available:

3cm x 100cm
5cm x 100cm
3cm x 250cm
5cm x 250cm

Package Includes:

1 x Carbon Fiber Sticker Car Styling

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Sticker

Protect your car from any scratches
Make your car more fashionable
Applicable for: automobiles, home appliances, digital product, fitness equipment, riding equipment, and furniture
Actual size: 30 x 127 centimeters
Color to choose from: yellow, pink, orange, red, gold, green, purple, blue, white, silver, gray, and black

Cartoon Wall Sticker Home Decor

Decorative wall sticker that can be easily pasted Can be removed without leaving marks on the wall Has a cute cartoon design which attracts kids Material: PVC Received Size: 80 x 40cm Finished Size (When Pasted): 88 x 68cm Package Includes: 1 x Cartoon Wall Sticker Home Decor

Cat Wall Sticker Cute DIY Animal Wall Decal

Brings color and life into your room without the hassle of painting and cleaning
Easy to use, you only have to peel and stick it to any room, and it will instantly brighten up any space
Ideal for cat lovers and it has a double-sided visual pattern that is removable, waterproof and environmentally-friendly
Material: PVC
Size: 25 x 70cm; Paste completed Size: 55 x 70cm
Package Includes:

1 x Cat Wall Sticker Cute DIY Animal Wall Decal

Chalkboard Sticker Wall Blackboard

This Chalkboard Sticker can be used to make labels for jars or store signages It is a self-adhesive chalkboard that is easy to install and leaves to no sticky residue Can be used as a lecture board and it is durable enough to not rip easily Material: PVC Size: Approx. 45cm x 200cm Package Contents: 1 x Chalkboard Sticker (Chalk Not Included)

Correction Tape Design Sticker

Child's friendly
A creative and fun way of correction
9 designs you could choose from
Great for designing and decorating
Easy to carry anywhere

Custom Labels Sticker Home Decoration

Customize your jar's label by writing on the chalkboard sticker
Reusable and easy to attach
Helps you identify the contents of a non-transparent canister
Material: contact paper / Size: 35 x 50mm
Package includes: 40 x Custom Labels Sticker Home Decoration (packed in bubble bag)

Decorative Stickers Light Switch Sticker

A unique and pretty wall decoration for your light switch
It has glow-in-the-dark switch stickers to serve as a guide when all lights are out
Suitable for 8.6 x 8.6cm light switches
Product Size: Approx. 16 x 10cm
Package content: 1 x Decorative Stickers Light Switch Sticker